Saturday, January 19, 2013

American Me Release "Kitchen Party Squad"

American Me have released a new video for "Kitchen Party Squad". Let me state firstly that this songs "is a joke". I've been a fan of American Me from the beginning but I will admit that with every album I care less and less (I found III particularly underwhelming and thought the album had a fucked up flow because of all the guest spots which were usually better than anything Tony was doing). What is actually the strangest part of this video is that it's not from their new album, it's from Siberian Nightmare Machine that came out 3 years ago! Why in the world would you waste your time and money doing a video for a song from 3 years ago when you could do something to promote your new album and the way your band actually sounds. This song was written and released on the album as a bonus track at the very end. It was essentially making fun of themselves for being on Rise Records and mocking the other bands on the label that were being criticized for using auto-tune (ex. Attack Attack!).  I hope that shed some light on the situation as several people are freaking out on YouTube about how American Me has changed their style. They've been trolled. But I still can't for the life of me figure out why this is being done now and not 3 years ago...

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