Tuesday, June 05, 2012

No Sleep Records Sign Early Graves

California based No Sleep Records has announced the signing of their first metal act -- San Francisco's Early Graves. The band has already released two albums on Metal Blade imprint Iron Clad Recordings, so unlike me, y'all might have heard of them already. Their sound is described to me in this press release as "a mixture of old school Swedish death metal and American hardcore punk," and the band has apparently been compared to Napalm Death, Tragedy, and Carcass, among others. The band's guitarist, Chris Brock, had this to say about the signing:
After enduring every shitstorm the proverbial "universe" can throw at us for last few years, we are extremely excited to be releasing our new batch of burners on No Sleep Records. No Sleep Records may not seem like a likely landing spot for a band like us, but Chris and No Sleep release music that they care about and want to work with, which is something we can definitely get behind.  I won't bore with you with a "our new album sounds like mixed with this mixed with that" or "it's heavier, faster, more melodic" bullshit, but I will say that we are happy to be releasing it with a label that likes it as much as we do.
The band is set to release their as-of-yet untitled third album in the fall of this year. The release will be Early Graves' first with new vocalist John Strachan, replacing deceased vocalist Mahk Daniels, who was killed in 2010 when the band was involved in a van accident.