Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Video Alert: Bury Tomorrow - "Lionheart"

New video for "Lionheart" from melodic metalcore act Bury Tomorrow.
Appearing on their forthcoming album The Union of Crowns due out June 13th, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records.
I was a huge fan of older Bury Tomorrow and I like what I'm hearing hear. It's by no means reinventing the wheel but they have a really good blend of melody and brutal metal riffs. I also really like the singing and that's a rare thing for me when it comes to this style of music. This music video is getting some backlash on YouTube but it's mostly over the fact that it's being released through Nuclear Blast Records who usually specialize more in "death metal" and "symphonic metal". If this was released on Rise Records for instance I'm sure there would be a lot more "likes". Does seem kind of strange to be on that label... but whatever. 7.5/10.

Refused Performing at Coachella 2012

As promised here are two high quality videos of Refused performing last night at Coachella. "New Noise" sounds epic as always and "Liberation Frequency" are has a more melodic feel to it now than ever before, especially in regards to the vocals. I look forward to catching these guys in Toronto in July.

Bermuda (US) New Bass Player/Tour Dates

Bermuda (US) has announced the addition of their new permanent bass player Todd Seaman. He replaces former bassist Andy Bouweraerts. Here's the release from the band:
"We would like to introduce our new permanent bass player, Todd Seaman. Yes, his last name is Seaman. We have for a long time noticed a hole and we have fixed it. Todd is a great friend of ours and a great musician. Welcome to the family, bro!"
Haha... seaman. Anyways, below are the tour dates for The Young Bloods Tour that kicked off yesterday. Bermuda are one of the best up and coming bands so be sure to go check them out if you can!

April 13th- San Antonio, Texas @ The White Rabbit
April 15th- Midland, Texas @ The Pine Box
April 16th- Albuquerque, New Mexico @ Gasworks
April 17th- Mesa, Arizona @ The Underground
April 19th- Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Junkyard @ Area 702
April 20th- Canoga Park, California @ The Cobalt Cafe
April 21st- Anaheim, California @ Mirror Image Studios
April 22nd- Rocklin, California @ Studio 21
April 23rd- Tacoma, WA @ Hells Kitchen
April 24th- Seattle, Washington @ Studio Seven
April 25th- Twin Falls, Idaho @ Radio Rondevoo
April 26th- Boise, Idaho @ The Venue
April 28th- Denver, Colorado @ The Roxy Theatre
April 29th- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma @ McSalty's
May 1st - Summit, Missouri @ Lakeland
May 2nd- Springfield, Illinois @ Black Sheep Cafe
May 3rd- Ft. Wayne, Indiana @ Fort Wayne Broadripple
May 4th- Cleveland, Ohio @ The Foundry
May 5th - Rochester, New York @ Dub Land Underground
May 6th - Buffalo, New York @ Broadway Joe's
May 7th - Albany, New York @ Bogies
May 8th - Manchester, New Hampshire @ Rocko's
May 9th - Staten Island, New York @ Warriors of Wrestling Training Center
May 10th - Fredericksburg, Virginia @ The Refuge (No FFD)
May 11th - Charleston, South Carolina @ Jimbos Rock Lounge (No FFD)
May 12th - Tampa, Florida @ Transitions Art Gallery (No FFD)
May 13th - Lake Worth, Florida @ The Speakeasy (No FFD)
May 14th - Jacksonville, Florida @ The Pit (No FFD)

New Buried In Verona Lyric Video "Four Years"

Here's a new video for "Four Years" from metalcore act Buried In Verona. It's from their forthcoming album Notorious available May 1st via UNFD. I don't usually post lyric videos, because they're dumb, and just reinforce my girlfriend saying, "They need lyric videos because you can't understand anything they're saying..." Regardless, this song is awesome and it contains a lot of studio footage in the background. Once again here I am talking about ANOTHER Australian band. That country is taking the scene over!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Refused Playing "New Noise" Last Night

Here's some high quality footage of Refused playing their hit "New Noise" last night at the Glasshouse in California. Unfortunately it's in two parts. They're playing Coachella tonight at 11:20pm on the main stage. Enjoy.

New Video Alert: The Air I Breathe - "Deliverance"

Here's the new video for "Deliverance" from The Air I Breathe.
From their album Great Faith In Fools via Rise Records.
Not really a fan of this tune. I mean it really couldn't get more generic, especially for a "risecore" type band. Sure some riffs show the band possesses technical musicianship but it is overly predictable. 4/10

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Structures Full Set

So I'd been bugging my partner in crime over at Relieve The Moment to upload his footage of Structures playing their full set from the Recorruptor tour with Whitechapel for awhile now. So I was obviously excited to hear he'd gotten permission to post it but was unhappy to learn that the sound guy at this venue was smoking crack hard that night. Disappointingly the bass guitar is considerably louder than the guitars and it's almost impossible to hear the drums. This isn't the camera man's fault though because he's always quality! These guys are awesome and if this show was in Toronto, people would be being crushed. Oh well, enjoy the slap bass guitar.

New Video/Studio Updates From Resist The Thought

Australian metalcore act Resist The Thought have released their new video for "Extermination" which is from their forthcoming album Sovereignty via Skull & Bones available May 18th. They've spent the last couple of months recording their debut record at Lambesis Studios in Los Angles. I've been following this band for almost a year now and I am confident now more than ever that this album is going to deliver some absolutely crushing tunes! The Australian scene is exploding with some of the best new acts in metal since Parkway Drive and I Killed The Prom Queen. Head on over to their Facebook page and give 'em a like if you're into it! I've also created a playlist of their studio footage below.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Video Alert: Suicide Silence - "Slaves To Substance"

New video for "Slaves To Substance" from American metal band Suicide Silence.
This track appears on 2011's The Black Crown via Century Media Records.
Love this video. Takes a nice little twist on your average zombie narrative. I really like the use of a younger boy as opposed to man. The little part with the girl is kind of weird and doesn't tie in well to the rest of the story. LOL at when he blows her brains out. Anyways, enjoy. 8/10.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stream New Music: Jowls- Cursed

Michigan screamopunx Jowls have posted a stream of their upcoming EP on Punknews, which you can check out here. The EP, Cursed, will be out May 22 on Doghouse Records, and unless something terrible happens at the pressing plant this thing is going to rip hard! I was a huge fan of these dudes' work in Victor! Fix the Sun and Cloudmouth, and I can say with confidence this Jowls EP might be better than anything both of those bands ever did. So if you like those bands/abrasive, Killingsworth-esque screamo/ripping tunes in general, I urge you to check this out.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Photo of the Day

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New Video Alert: Pay No Respect - "This World Is Ours"

New video for "This World Is Ours" from UK hardcore act Pay No Respect.