Friday, April 06, 2012

Way Back Playback: Emmure - "False Love in Real Life"

Here's a little video from about 4 years ago. After reviewing Emmure's new album Slave to the Game, I found myself listening to Goodbye To The Gallows and The Respect Issue again, which has only reinforced my belief that they got significantly worse after the Lionetti brothers left/got kicked out of the band. Something about them was just way more fun and interesting. You could even say it's a lot more 'technical' than their new stuff. Enjoy.

Born Of Osiris Prepares To Enter Studio

Born Of Osiris are set to record their follow-up to 2011's The Discovery. This album will not feature guitarist Jason Richardson who left the band in December of 2011 under less than amicable terms. Richardson is now a full-time member of deathcore act Chelsea Grin. Born Of Osiris have spent most of 2012 so far writing and preparing new material for their 3rd full length release. Not much is known about the new untitled album but drummer Cameron Losch had the following to say, "To say that I'm excited would be an understatement." The band will begin tracking the new album on May 5th at an undisclosed studio with a yet to be announced producer. You can expect this new album to drop in the fall via Sumerian Records.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Album Review: Emmure - Slave To The Game

I've had quite the love/hate relationship over the years with Emmure. Sometimes I struggle to decide whether I hate them more and more with every album they put out or I love them in that cheesy Limp Bizkit-esque kind of way. But I think when it comes down to it, I'm stuck in the middle. I remember back in 2006 when Goodbye To The Gallows came out, I was completely immersed in that album for weeks, especially the first 5 tracks... the latter I never cared for much. As the time went on you could count on having a new Emmure album pretty much every 12 to 14 months. And I think that's where they started to go wrong. Emmure had this idea that they could put out an album every year to constantly be giving people new music and  never leave a stale taste in your mouth. My largest criticism of all their albums following Goodbye To The Gallows is that they sounded too rushed and that most tracks come off as filler. With their latest release Slave To The Game, their 5th release in 6 years, nothing has changed except for a few members. Emmure continues to have all the same problems, Frankie Palmeri's lousey lyrics and vocal style as well as the band only delivering a couple decent songs every album.

Without a doubt, Slave To The Game is Emmure's slowest and sludgiest sounding record to date. While some tracks like "Protoman" and "Cross Over Attack" have blistering fast riffs in them, other tracks like "Umar Dumps Dormannu" (the intro sounds a lot like The Acacia Strain's "Carbomb") and the final track "A.I." have almost a doom sounding element to them. The guitars come with all those high pitched effects found on Speak Of The Dead and of course plenty of the infamous tri-tone or brown noise chord chugging. "Protoman" and "MDMA" show the band imitating their older more melodic style in some parts but then quickly switches back to extremely 'muddy' sounding chugging. Emmure tries to go for the big heavy riffs always but fail to find that key 'groove' element. While the guitar works offers up absolutely nothing new, the drumming is some of the best work I've ever heard on an Emmure album. There is an easy explanation for this. Emmure have acquired the drumming skills of veteran Mike Callisto who has previously worked with Bury Your Dead, Between the Buried And Me and Crossfade. Callisto's drumming is bang on and energetic. For me the only stand-out bit on this album musically is the first 45 seconds of "Cross Over Act" which feature the best riffs I've heard Emmure play in years.

I can't spend too much time on the lyrics and that's because there's almost nothing to talk about. This album essentially has a concept and that is Street Fighter II and other arcade games from the 90s. Unless you're a superhero in an arcade game, then this makes the lyrics pretty unrelatable to most.  With gems like "I'm going to die, you're going to die" and "Welcome to hell" repeated over and over it's safe to say that there's nothing inspiring or even intelligent to be found here. At least there isn't a song about watching a dude sucking another dude's dick for drugs. I honestly used to like the occasional singing bit they would throw in here and there but there is none of that to be found anywhere. The interlude track "Poltergeist" sounds like something from a For Today record and talks of Christianity and believing in God. It's kind of unclear if this is sarcastic or legitimate. Definitely an awkward insertion into the middle of the album. If anything, "MDMA" is Palmeri's vocal highlight and one of the overall better tracks on the album. 

Emmure needs to take a step back and really re-think their approach to writing. As far as I know, second guitarist Mike Muholland who recently wrote and put out Recon's new EP doesn't contribute writing in any way and that EP is far better than the new Emmure record in every way. If a little more time were invested in the writing process perhaps the band wouldn't suffer from the excessive flow of filler we've seen on almost all of Emmure's releases. The album contains 12 tracks clocking in at just over 30 mins. That's pretty weak especially since two tracks are senseless instrumentals/interludes. If you're a fan of their previous stuff check it out, it'll be fun for 2 weeks, and by then they'll probably be in the studio working on the follow up to Slave To The Game. If you've never been a fan before, stay away, stay far away.


1. “Insert Coin” 0:30
2. “Protoman” 3:17*
3. “She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool” 2:46
4. “I Am Onslaught” 3:00
5. “Bison Diaries” 2:44
6. “Poltergeist” 0:57
7. “Cross Over Attack” 3:14*
8. “Umar Dumps Dormammu” 2:48
9. “Blackheart Reigns” 2:59
10. “MDMA” 3:26*
11. “War Begins With You” 2:53
12. “A.I.” 3:18
* Recommended Track

Misery Signals Singer Denied Entry To US/Show Cancelled

Misery Signals were scheduled to play one of their first shows in quite awhile this Friday at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but that has been cancelled due to frontman Karl Schubach being denied entry into the US earlier this week. Karl tweeted:
Denied entry into the USA. It was completely justified on the officers' behalf. They were actually very kind and courteous. #stillsucks
@karlschubach on Twitter · via Twitter
When asked why he was denied into the US, he simply replied, "I got caught attempting to smuggle a Tim Horton's tin in my ass". Misery Signals commented today,
Let it be known that Misery Signals is NOT playing the show at the Rave this friday. Our singer (Canadian/Terrorist) got jammed up by U.S. immigration. Sorry friends. We'll try again when we find out which secret prison he has been sent to.
While this was all taken quite light heartedly, we hope that Misery Signals starts touring again! It's been way too long! It's rumoured that Misery Signals will do a full Canada/US tour once Schubach has successfully completed his treatment for his Tim Horton's addiction.

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Metal Blade Signs Deathcore Act "Abiotic"

Metal Blade Records have signed Floridian deathcore act Abiotic to their legendary roster. Abiotic released a video online in January for "Vermosapien" and it quickly went viral through the metal community. I look forward to their debut on Metal Blade. I can't help but think when I watch this video how much their bassist reminds me of Mudvayne's bassist 10 years ago which is almost what gives them their signature sound. Check out the official press release by Metal Blade and the band below.
Miami, FL newcomers, Abiotic, have become the newest addition to Metal Blade Records' roster with a newly signed, worldwide, multi-album deal. Abiotic stormed onto the underground metal scene with the release of their A Universal Plague EP in September of 2011. Since then, through word-of-mouth on-line and steady gigging in the South East, Abiotic has become one of the top bands to watch. Their music video for Vermosapien was released in January of 2012 and was viewed over 40,000 times within the first month of its release. The band has proven that they have the wherewithal to stand alongside the best and brightest in the technical death metal genre worldwide. Fans of Obscura, Veil of Maya, and Cannibal Corpse will immediately identify with their finely-honed technical attack.
Abiotic comments on the signing" "We can't express how amazing it is to be on the same label as some of our favorite bands and how great it feels to be working with one of the biggest labels in metal!" 
Metal Blade comments on the signing: "It's rare to come across a band as well put together as Abiotic. The video for Vermosapien makes it immediately evident that this band has the chops, songs, work ethic, and live show to perform alongside any contemporary death metal act. We very much look forward to releasing this band's music to a worldwide audience later this year!"
Hometown and Florida-area fans will be able to see Abiotic's prowess live and in-person on the Shredded To Pieces Tour with King Conquer, Forty Winters, and In Reference To A Sinking Ship throughout April. Following those dates, Abiotic will tour the Midwest/southeast on the Shred Till You're Dead Tour with Sumerian Records artist's Enfold Darkness and Vale Of Pnath, who recently signed a deal with Willowtip Records. Also in tow will be After the Spire.

New Video Alert: Make Them Suffer - "Neverbloom"

New video for "Neverbloom" from Australian deathcore act Make Them Suffer.
Their debut album Neverbloom will be available May 25th, 2012 via Roadrunner Records Australia.
I'd never heard of these guys until today and I'm pretty impressed with what I've heard. The song is pretty long for a single but it's well constructed. The Australian metal scene has been exploding lately with lots of great acts. 7/10.

Matt Halpern From Periphery Jamming At SXSW

Matt Halpern in my opinion is the only thing about Periphery that doesn't suck. Okay, well mostly just their vocalist sucks. Anyways, enjoy this awesome video of Matt jamming on the streets a couple weeks back at SXSW.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New Video Alert: Upon A Burning Body - "Once Upon A Time In Mexico"

New video for "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" from Upon A Burning Body.
From Once Upon A Time In Mexico which is due out April 10th via Sumerian Records.
I really like this tune despite the weird out of place singing during the chorus bit. I'm not sure if it's Danny singing, another member, or a guest spot. The video is cool looking minus the incredibly cheesy 'story line' that's going on there. Cool song, lame video. 7/10.

Monday, April 02, 2012