Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dancing With Paris: The Interview

People into the Canadian metal scene are no strangers to the 8-string power of Toronto's own Dancing With Paris. They self-released their first full length last September which charted at the top of the iTunes Metal Chart in it's debut week. They've also toured relentlessly across the country and have an upcoming tour beginning in March with Beheading of a King. TMHTimes was able to chat with guitarist Andrew Wilson recently:

TMHT: Dancing With Paris is really starting to make a name for themselves in the Canadian music scene but there are many abroad that might have not heard you yet or seen you live. Take a second to introduce what Dancing With Paris is all about?
DWP: Dancing With Paris is all about making music that grabs people's attention right off the bat. We want to have as much diveristy in our music as we can without sounding like other bands. We have started to write alot heavier and melodic music but we want to punch everyone right in thier music souls!!
TMHT: Seems like a lot of bands these days are switching from 6 string guitars to 7's or 8's. You guys have played 8's for your whole career. How did you guys get into playing something that was so rare even just a couple years ago?
DWP: We started out playing with 7's back before 'Theres Something In The Water' even came out. The switch over to 8's was something that I thought would have a positive effect of how we write music. As you can hear, we aren't the most technical of bands, so we asked our selves, "why can't we play our 8 strings like they were 6 strings?" This helped write riffs that would could normaly be played on 6 strings except alot lower sounding!
TMHT: Your 2009 EP There's Something In The Water did very well for an unsigned debut EP. What did you want to do differently for your full length The Drought and what elements did you want to bring back?
DWP: The EP was a challenge to make. When we wrote The Drought, we wanted to bring some elements back but make it more of a mature version of the EP. We wanted to make it heavier and more melodic.
TMHT: You guys started "Splitting the Atom" and new form of the "Wall of Death". How did this crazy concept come about?
DWP: We were all just sitting in the van discussing what we could do to have a croud response like no one has ever seen before. We talked and said why not have a 4 corners thing where everyone goes to 4 corners except for one person who stands in the middle. When the song kicks in, you have to split the atom. Then we came up with the "atom bomb".
TMHT: How do you guys as a band go about writing new material?
DWP: Its a long process but I will usually write the skeletons of the songs and go back and forth with the guys to make sure that everyone agrees upon the song. They give me the suggestions and I will fix the songs up until everyone is ready to learn them.
TMHT: What do you guys use for tuning and strings? Can you even buy strings in an 8 pack?
DWP: We have a pretty thick guage of strings for the 8's. .10-74 is the guage of strings that we use. 8 string packs, have actually just started being sold in stores which is awesome!! Its alot better then buying a 6 string pack and having to get 2 extra strings on top of that.
TMHT: The Ontario/Quebec music scene has started spitting out all kinds of awesome metal and hardcore bands over the past few years. What two favourites of yours would you like to go on tour with?
DWP: We have always wanted to go on tour with a band from Quebec called 'Beheading Of A King' and that is not happening this April! Another band we love is Structures. They are awesome dudes, and everytime we play with them, we always talk about touring with them! Hopefully one day, we can make that happen too!
TMHT: How does a heavy band like yourselves end up with a name like "Dancing With Paris"?
DWP: The name is more of an inside joke. When we first started the band, we were more of a southern metal band and it fit well. We progressed out music and the name just stuck.
TMHT: What is "The Peter Principal"?
DWP: Basically it means that someone will be promoted to their level of incompetence at their job. It explains why your boss is an idiot a lot of the time.
TMHT: The girls from Courage My Love appear on a few tracks on your new album The Drought. How did that come about? Why did you want to include these female vocals?
DWP: We wanted to have guest vocals on the album but wanted to make it a little different. They are amazing singers and we are close with them. They also happened to be recording at the same time as us, in the same studio, so we thought, why not!
TMHT: What are some of the biggest influences on Dancing With Paris? You guys have a pretty unique sound by mixing together several distinct styles.
DWP: We all listen to such different music. We barley listen to metal. Half the band listens to pop and the other to alternative, hardcore and alot of Djent stuff.
TMHT: Are way too many bands striving to be 'djent' bands these days? Do you think it's taking over the metal scene?
DWP: I think its taking over for now. It will fizzle out really soon and fast. There's only so many bands that can play it and only for a certain amount of time until everyone gets bored of it.
TMHT: There are tons of kids these days that are Meshuggah this Meshuggah that. Do you think all this Meshuggah hype, especially for the new album, is all just a bandwagon thing?
DWP: Meshuggah, for me is an amazing band. They will always have hype behind them becuase they are pioneers of this genre. Just like Deftones.. No matter when or what they are putting out, they will always have hype.
TMHT: Would you call the new Attack Attack! album djent? Are you a fan?
DWP: I wouldn't call it Djent. Im not a huge fan of Attack Attack! but if you are looking for a super generic band that has elements from all metal bands, then its the band for you!
TMHT: If the past was deathcore, the present is djent, what is the future?
DWP: You never know what the future is going to be. Its looking like instrumental is a big thing along with Djent/singing.
TMHT: Do you think it's harder than ever to make it as band? Between album sales, gas prices, etc?
DWP: I think its the hardest time to make it in a band becuase a long time ago, not everyone had access to recording software. Now, anyone can do it and anyone can make it sound amazing. So its really a matter of picking the best of the best.
TMHT: Is it possible the metal scene is completely over-saturated with new bands? It seems anyone with a MacBook can start and record as a one-man band these days.
DWP: There are tons of bands and musicians everwhere. Like I said, everyone can record thier own stuff these days and make it sound perfect. The true test is to see how it is live and to see the crowd response.
TMHT: How important is it to you to have a good clean image in the metal scene? There's a lot of drama and what not floating around right now about lots of bands. Is the metal scene a pissing ground?
DWP: We hear alot of stuff that is said about everyone else. We usually stay away from taking shit or starting beef. We just do what we do and if someone has a problem with us and wont say it to our faces, then its not important enough to be said.
TMHT: What can we expect from you guys in 2012? I heard rumours of a new album and music video for something off The Drought.
DWP: We will be shooting a video later this month for a song off the Drought. Also, we have started writing and fooling around with ideas. 2012 can expect the heaviest we have ever writen, thats for sure.
Thanks to Dancing With Paris for taking the time to chat with us. They're actually filming that video tomorrow! Head on over to their Facebook Page and check 'em out and like 'em if you're into it! You can also mosey on over to our Facebook Page and give us a like to stay up to date with all kinds of metal/hardcore news, videos and reviews. Below is a play through from their full length The Drought released last year and below that is all of their upcoming tour dates!

Fri, Mar 2
8:00 pm - The Spill - Peterborough, ON - $10.00
w/Three Crowns

Sat, Mar 3
6:00 pm - The Jam Spot - Newmarket, ON -$10.00
w/Atlas, Three Crowns & Eyes

Fri, Mar 9
6:00 pm - Portuguese Hall - Sarnia, ON - $10.00
w/Three Crown

Sun, Mar 11
6:00 pm - Club Absinthe - Hamilton, ON - $10.00
w/Three Crowns, Partycat

Fri, Mar 16
6:30 pm - New Song Community Church - New York, NY - $5
w/Three Crowns, Faithful Unto Death, Lifecycles

Sat, Mar 17
5:00 pm - The Barn - Dorchester, ON - $5.00
w/Forever Cadence, Unlimited, MK Ultra and more

Sun, Mar 18
5:30 pm - Army and Navy Club - Guelph, ON - $10.00
w/Three Crowns

Thu, Mar 22
7:00 pm - Chrysalids Theatre - Kitchener, ON - $10.00
w/This Or The Apocalypse, Beheading Of The King, The World We Knew, Three Crowns

Fri, Mar 23
8:00 pm - Hard Luck Bar - Toronto, ON - $10.00
Canadian Music Fest w/ Today I Caught The Plauge (19 plus)

Sat, Mar 31
6:00 pm - Top Shelf - Redding, CA - $5.00

Tour With Beheading of a King & End Of Crisis:
Thu, Apr 5
6:00 pm - Cafe Dekcuf - Ottawa, ON - $14.00

Fri, Apr 6
5:30 pm - Gallery Connexion - Fredericton, NB - $10.00

Sat, Apr 7
5:30 pm - The Pavillion - Halifax, NS - $10.00

Sun, Apr 8
5:30 pm - Trenton Youth Centre - Trenton, NS - $12.00

Mon, Apr 9
5:30 pm - TBA - Charlottetown, PEI - $10.00

Tue, Apr 10
5:30 pm - The Factory - Amherst, NS - $5.00

Wed, Apr 11
5:30 pm - Moncton High School - Moncton, NB - $10.00

Thu, Apr 12
6:00 pm - Bar Le Magog - Sherbrooke, QC -$10.00

Sat, Apr 14
6:00 pm - Revolutions - Kingston, ON - $12.00

Sun, Apr 15
6:00 pm - Parkdale Community Centre - Belleville, ON - $12.00

Mon, Apr 16
6:00 pm - The Garage Concert Hall - Toronto, ON - $10.00

Tue, Apr 17
6:00 pm -TBA - Hamilton, ON - $10.00

Wed, Apr 18
6:00 pm - City Lights - St. Catherines, ON - $12.00

Sun, May 13
4:30 pm - Norma Jean's - Tillsonburg, ON - $10.00

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Warrior Show - ft. Asking Alexandria

I don't care at all for Asking Alexandria or The Warrior but I found the above video pretty interesting. In collaboration with Ash Avildsen (Sumerian CEO) and Franki Nasso (metal video director), The Warrior has taken it upon himself to whip some young bands into shape. Or so it seems.. Watch the video for yourself. Basically it's 30 minutes of The Warrior yelling at them and making them do squats with chains. What it seems like more to me is promo for the band because I hardly doubt they'll change their ways after this and its plugged full of their music and merch. Seems to have some strong values but comes off tacky. I See Stars are in the next episode.. hmm.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Municipal Waste reveal title track from The Fatal Feast

A while back I posted about the previewing of 'Fatal Feast's' album artwork, and posed the question, does previewing album art actually create any hype for a release? I don't think so, at least when you compare it to the impact of a brand new track!!!
The track itself is pretty good, and shows the band withdrawing from the mature sound they created on 'Massive Aggressive.' That might sound like a criticism, but it's not. I'm thinking Fatal Feast could almost be a sci-fi infused 'The Art of Partying.'
I also think the Star Wars intro-themed lyrical video was a hilarious touch.

The good folks at The Red Chord birth more side projects!

The Red Chord went on hiatus for a little while in 2011, and the band was anything but idle in that time. Guy was busy with his label, Black Market Activities, Mike 'Gunface' McKenzie started a project called Stomach Earth, and then the band got back together and started recording some new tunes. Now, McKenzie has tweeted that Greg Weeks now has a forthcoming project called Deadlights:

This has some big implications since nothing this band or its members ever do is bad, even the obscure Plant Vochestra, an a Capella group consisting of Weeks, McKenzie, and Between the Buried and Me's Tommy Rogers.
Get stoked, folks!

Where is your god now? The Devil Wears Prada lose their keyboardist

Christian crabcore act, The Devil Wears Prada, have severed one of the many useless limbs that comprise the body of the band. Plus, it's only their keyboardist. Can't say he did much for the band anyways. This to me comes as welcome news as I find TDWP to be condescending and half-ignorant as a band. I can only hope (or better yet, pray) that this presents a long-awaited opportunity for the rest of the members to jump ship with him. Here's the official statement from the band:

"With great deliberation and difficulty, we have decided to part ways with our keyboardist James Baney. James will always be family to TDWP, being one of the most well-intentioned people we know. Our prayers to James in beginning a new chapter with his wife back home, and our endless gratitude to TDWP fans for understanding. We'll see you at a show soon."

According to Lambgoat, Baney's wife has said that he's left the band to 'do what is necessary to take care of [her], his new family.'

This is usually the part where I'd tell you if they're looking for a replacement, or putting out a new album, or on tour or something, but who gives a shit?