Thursday, February 02, 2012

TMHTimes Update

Hi there, sorry for the lack of updates this week. It's gotten really busy with University for all that work here this week and I'm doing a site re-design that's taking up a ton of my time. I also won't be around a computer this weekend. TMHTimes is still very much up and running with some of the biggest things yet to come! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Band of the Week: Northlane

So I had been thinking all morning which band should be this week's Band of the Week and then "Metamorphisis" came on my iPod while walking to class and I had my eureka moment. Northlane is an Australian band that has yet to break out into the international scene. They are a group of talented young men that write some very interesting metalcore that has elements of djent, deathcore, and melody. Their album is beautifully produced and the songs they write are catchy and above par. I've been listening to them since I randomly came across a guitar tab of theirs earlier this year but haven't given them much of a listen.. well until today really. Later this week expect a review of their new full length Discoveries. Check out the songs above.. the Mortal Kombat cover is particularly cool.

New Video Alert: My Ticket Home - "A New Breed"

New video for "A New Breed" from melodic metalcore act My Ticket Home.
From their new album To Create A Cure due out January 31st, 2012 via Rise Records.
When I saw this online this morning I groaned. Another new band on Rise Records. Ew. But to be honest it really wasn't that bad at all. I might have to check this album out now. I mean really.. the singing is not fantastic but it's not terrible. There's some decent riffs and a lot of energy behind this performance. 7/10.

New Video Alert: Obey The Brave - "Live & Learn"

New video from Obey The Brave for the just released single "Live & Learn."
This is the new band to feature Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian on vocals as well as a couple ex-members of Canadian metalcore band Blind Witness. I love this song. I want to say it's different.. it's not really.. but it's like what a lot of bands were doing 2 to 3 years ago done right. If this had turned about to be a djent band or something I probably wouldn't give 2 fucks. It sounds like Despised Icon's vocals (minus the growls and squeals) mixed over some Ghost Inside or the more melodic parts of Blind Witness. Regardless, this shit is awesome and I can't wait for a full length. Obey The Brave got over 10 000 likes on their Facebook page in a little more than a week. Expect these guys on some big tour this summer because this shit is taking off! Keep it coming my fellow Canucks!! 9/10.