Friday, January 20, 2012

New Video Alert: A Plea For Purging - "The Life"

New video for "The Life" from metalcore/djent band A Plea For Purging.
From The Life & Death of A Plea For Purging available now via Facedown Records.
I really liked this album but I think there were plenty of better songs than this one like "Music City" or "Room For The Dead". Oh well, it's just your typical live/tour video. But seriously, how is their front-man so... large? Don't bands like this have a $5 to $6 meal allowance? Does he eat merch? Metal hipsters? Oh wait, that's what happened to their rhythm guitarist.

Emmure Set to Release 5th Album "Slave To The Game"

In a video update released today, Emmure has announced that they will be release Slave to the Game on April 10th, 2012 via Victory Records. They've made 5 full length albums now in under 6 years. It was speculated that since their deal was up with Victory after Speaker of the Dead that they might move on to a major label. We think they've done the smart thing and stuck with the formula that has worked for them these past years. If the metal scene continues to explode kids won't need a major label to get their music, that's what the internet is for. As we reported earlier this month, Mark Castillo (ex.-Bury Your Dead/BTBM) has joined Emmure in the studio and plans to tour with the band afterwards. Unfortunately there isn't any new music in the clip. I'm actually excited to hear what Castillo brings to the table on this record because Emmure has always lacked decent drumming. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and give us a like to stay up to date with upcoming Emmure news.

A Video To Ruin Your Day: Blessed By A Broken Heart - "Forever"

So I do a decent amount of searching for new videos to post and of course 90% of the shit I find makes me feel nauseated. It's starting to depress me a little. So I decided to start a new segment, "Videos To Ruin Your Day" because you know bands like Design The Skyline and Eskimo Callboy will continue to shit into your ears for years to come. So to start off this new thing here is Blessed By A Broken Heart raping your poor little ears with "Forever".

New Impending Doom Tune - "For The Wicked"

Here's a new song (okay well 9 days old) from Impending Doom from their forthcoming album Baptized In Filth (lmao). I really like their last album but for some reason I wasn't expecting much from this album. I mean how much can you expect from a band that's hellbent (HAH!) on releasing a record every 12 to 14 months (coughEmmurecough). I wouldn't really consider this in any way heavier than anything they previously done or more progressive. It's just... Impending Doom. The 666 line at the end is kind of fun though.. but a little too Slipknot. I mean after all this is their first "major label" debut. Weak. More tunes to come before the album drops on March 13th via eOne Music.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obey The Brave new band ft. members of Despised Icon & Blind Witness

Although I've sort of known about this band for awhile know, they finally made an official press release yesterday announcing tour dates and a clip of a new song. Obey The Brave is comprised of members of Despised Icon and Blind Witness, most notably Alex Erian on vocals (DI). After the countless guest spots he's done on albums since the demise of his band, I was beginning to wonder when Erian would start to take a band seriously again. I always get stoked on Canadian bands (and Tim Hortons) because to be honest the Ontario/Montreal metal scene has the best up and coming bands around (Structures, Counterparts, Dancing With Paris, Beheading of a King, etc). I really like the sound of the song clip too. It doesn't really sound much like Despised Icon at all and definitely has more of a Blind Witness/Ghost Inside feel to it. I am excited to hear more from this band in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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"My First Hardcore Song" - 8 yr old Juliet - Amazing

So this video of an 8 year old girl doing her first hardcore song has gone crazy viral today. Clearly this kid's Dad is a musician/producer of some kind and got his daughter to do this. Regardless, it's amazing. Not that she has particularly good vocals in any way but that it is a hilarious parody of the genre. Everything from her call outs to jumping on the trampoline doing the windmill. Hilarious.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: "This Means War" - Attack Attack!

Band: Attack Attack!
Album: This Means War
Release: January 17th, 2012 via Rise Records.

Being a 23 year old male, it's a little embarrassing to be caught listening to an Attack Attack! record. I have followed this band closely over the years and heard all of their albums extensively but I have never been a devoted fan. Something in the back of my head was telling me that This Means War was going to change all that. Between the hype of it being "djent" and featuring a new style of vocals from front-man Caleb Shomo, this record had plenty of potential to grab the attention of new fans and a more 'mature' audience. Well, they fucked up.

Let's start with the sound/production of this album. Originally it was set to be produced by John Feldmann of Goldfinger who has produced bands like The Used and A Day To Remember but that all fell through. Instead of getting the infamous Joey Sturgis to do their third album like the previous two, they chose to go with their vocalist Caleb Shomo to do all the producing and mixing. Caleb is also only 19 years old and has only produced a few small time bands in the past year or so. He didn't do an awful job on the mixing but it could be better and sounds like some of the heavier parts were rushed through (especially the guiatars) and don't fit into the mix properly. The drums sound decent but the drummer is boring as fuck and never once did I think, "Hey, that was a cool drum bit." Now the vocals... Caleb has completely changed his screaming style since the self-titled album. It's much more of a shrill high pitched scream (similiar to original singer Austin Carlyle) and he hardly ever uses low "gutteral" screams like on the self titled album. This new style of screaming may sound more 'emotional' and raw in spots it eventually starts to sound like the same scream over and over and over. He barely ever hits any low notes and it's like the same flat-line screaming from beginning to end. According to and interview with the drummer this was to make it easier on his vocal chords so he could do the live singing. Generally every chorus on this album is sung. Caleb's singing voice is alright but doesn't fit the music (and I know he can't sing live if his life depended on it, watch any YouTube video). A lot of it sounds like pop-rock with all the whoa whoa whoas and oh oh ohs that he throws in. I feel like it's black soul music over top of a 7 string guitar sung by a white kid with tattoo sleeve. If you're going to do an album like this you can't have all these little Kings of Leon/Coldplay esq chorus's stuck into the middle of every song.

Onto the song structure and overall feel of the album. Every song on this album has the exact same song structure and feel behind it. Attack Attack have completely ditched any of the "randomness" behind their music and gone with the intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/breakdown/chorus form (ABCBCDC). Also on a side note, go listen to Coldplay's "Clocks" and then go listen to "The Wretched". Same tune. There are zero techno bits and the only keyboard parts are electronic piano for the most part. I mean there are some parts I do like and some bits are extremely catchy but I can totally get sucked into garbage music for a few listens (I mean I did listen to Korn's The Path of Totallity a few times). In a lot of ways the album starts out strong and heavy and I was like awwww yeah! this is going to be alright! But then after a few listens I feel like I've just heard the same song over and over. "I've been yelling so much that my throat is bleeding" screams Shomo... then you're probably not doing it right bro. Another lyric "I don't care what you say or where you hide. I will find you and make you realize that you made a BIG MISTAKE". LOL! Drew York (SFTP) is at home listening to line that with a huge shit eating grin on his face. Apparently this is a concept album too. I have no idea about what. War I guess. How Stray From the Path hurt their feelings? I dunno. The video for "The Wretched" was garbage too.

Verdict: Attack Attack! should have stuck with more of their self-titled sound, it's really a better fit. However, I do appreciate the idea of trying something new and moving forward with your sound. But this is not what Attack Attack! should be. If you hear a 15 year old kid at the mall say "Have you heard the new Attack Attack! record? It's djent as fuck!" make sure you cut off his tongue or at least kick him so hard in the nuts that he can't have kids. Because this is not a djent record. It's just an Attack Attack! record with low tuned guitars. There is no complex time signatures, key signature changes, or any really original grooves. This is just an Attack Attack! record that was rushed into completion with a group of young and inexperienced dudes. Attack Attack! used to be all fun with the techno and the pink and purple, now they've taken on a serious demeanor and sound that just doesn't mesh. This is a record for someone in high-school that wants to get into heavy music for the first time.

4 out of 10 stage-dives.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Video Alert: Enter Shikari - "Arguing With Thermometers"

New video for "Arguing with Thermometers" from British band Enter Shikari.
From their just released full length A Flash Flood of Colour via Ambush Reality.
This is without a doubt the best video I've seen this year and probably better than anything from last year. Pure brilliance and a great tune as well. 9.5/10.