Friday, November 30, 2012

Metallica Reclaim Masters, Announce Blackened Records

Seminal metal outfit Metallica have reclaimed their master recordings from former label Warner Music Group. Apparently there was some kind of deal brokered in 1994 that stated on this day (November 30, 2012) the band would take full ownership of their entire catalogue from the label, including the rights to their music videos.

Subsequently, the band has announced they will be releasing all further material on their newly christened "Blackened Records," (presumably) named after the first track off the band's 1988 release ...And Justice For All. One can only expect some pretty sweet quadruple disc reissue box-sets on the horizon.

But I can't honestly say I care about any of that; I only wrote this article to pose the following question...

Yo, metalheads. It's been like, 20 years now. Why can't you just accept the fact that the Black Album was actually a pretty solid record? Like fuck, there's no way 90 per cent of the people who bitch about how much better the band was before ...And Justice were actually alive, let alone old enough to remember a pre-haircut Metallica with any sort of discerning taste. Just admit it, posers, the first metal song you ever heard was "Enter Sandman" at an AHL hockey game and you went ham for that shit like any eight year-old would. Also, Ride the Lighting > Metallica > the "Garage" one> Death Magnetic > everything else. Come on, fight me. Do it. I dare you.


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