Monday, May 07, 2012

Poison The Well announces re-releases

Metalcore pioneers Poison the Well (currently on hiatus) have annoucned that they will be re-releasing 1999's The Opposite of December and 2001's Tear From The Red through Rise Records sometime this summer. Check out the official press release below.
Rise Records and Poison the Well are proud to announce the re-release of The Opposite of December and Tear From The Red. These two classic albums (19 songs total) have been out of print for years and will finally get a proper re-release this summer which will include limited edition double 12"gatefold vinyl, deluxe CD and low-priced digital album. Both albums will be re-mastered as well.
It appears that some fans are down with the re-masters (note the video above is not the remastered version) and some fans are highly against it. I'm a bit torn. I can honestly say that Poison The Well are the band that got me into hardcore and metal music back in 2001. Back then these records actually sounded pretty awesome considering how polished everything sounds these days and we shouldn't forget that. They were forged on a low budget and in days before Macs and ProTools. It'd be like taking Led Zeppelin II and making it sound like the new Nickelback record. Not the same right? Oh well, I'm still interested to hear what the new remasters sound like. I also sincerely hope to see these guys again on the stage but after chatting with drummer Chris Hornbrook a month ago... it doesn't seem likely any time soon. DAMN YOU SLEIGH BELLS!!!!

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