Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Video Alert: Bury Tomorrow - "Lionheart"

New video for "Lionheart" from melodic metalcore act Bury Tomorrow.
Appearing on their forthcoming album The Union of Crowns due out June 13th, 2012 via Nuclear Blast Records.
I was a huge fan of older Bury Tomorrow and I like what I'm hearing hear. It's by no means reinventing the wheel but they have a really good blend of melody and brutal metal riffs. I also really like the singing and that's a rare thing for me when it comes to this style of music. This music video is getting some backlash on YouTube but it's mostly over the fact that it's being released through Nuclear Blast Records who usually specialize more in "death metal" and "symphonic metal". If this was released on Rise Records for instance I'm sure there would be a lot more "likes". Does seem kind of strange to be on that label... but whatever. 7.5/10.

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