Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Misery Signals Singer Denied Entry To US/Show Cancelled

Misery Signals were scheduled to play one of their first shows in quite awhile this Friday at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but that has been cancelled due to frontman Karl Schubach being denied entry into the US earlier this week. Karl tweeted:
Denied entry into the USA. It was completely justified on the officers' behalf. They were actually very kind and courteous. #stillsucks
@karlschubach on Twitter · via Twitter
When asked why he was denied into the US, he simply replied, "I got caught attempting to smuggle a Tim Horton's tin in my ass". Misery Signals commented today,
Let it be known that Misery Signals is NOT playing the show at the Rave this friday. Our singer (Canadian/Terrorist) got jammed up by U.S. immigration. Sorry friends. We'll try again when we find out which secret prison he has been sent to.
While this was all taken quite light heartedly, we hope that Misery Signals starts touring again! It's been way too long! It's rumoured that Misery Signals will do a full Canada/US tour once Schubach has successfully completed his treatment for his Tim Horton's addiction.

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