Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gallows To Enter the Studio Next Week.

UK Hardcore act Gallows will hit the studio next week to begin recording a follow-up to 2009's Grey Britain. Details are a little hard to come by (we still have no idea who's releasing the album, let alone recording it), but the band issued this statement through Facebook on Sunday:
Work on Gallows album number 3 starts officially in a week. Very excited to bring you new music and get touring everywhere again.
The (presumably) as-of-yet untitled album will be the band's first full length with Canadian and friend of the program, Wade MacNeil, doing vocals. As you may remember, Gallows stole MacNeil from Alexisonfire after previous vocalist Frank Carter went insane, prompting the demise of Canada's greatest ever punk/hardcore band. Yeah, I'm a little bitter, so what?

Okay... sorry, I'm done. Anyways, the band released an EP, Death is Birth with MacNeil late last year to mixed reviews. Let's hope the band hasn't lost all momentum from Grey Britain and are able to write another kick-ass album with our boy Wade at the helm.

Oh, and in case you missed it, the aforementioned Carter went on a bit of a tirade against Gallows and their fans in a recent attempt to stay relevant NME interview, in which he called the band "a benign dictatorship and a fucking mess." He went on to show disdain for angry Gallows fans, and used some interesting British-people speak to describe the negative mental effects the band had on him. A compelling read, if nothing else.

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