Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Videos To Ruin Your Day: Danny Worsnop Gets Drunk and Rants Again

So Danny Worsnop got wasted again this weekend at South By So What before Asking Alexandria took the stage. Although apparently still able to perform, Worsnop couldn't resist ranting a bit of nonsense between songs. The worst part is the girls in the audience laughing at every joke, even when he calls them sluts. Wow, what a fan-base. Highlights include:
- Calling girls sluts and that he can get away with it
- Telling the audience he has a small dick
- Asking the audience if they've seen any "mediocre" acts today and then saying that's just life.
- Pissing off every other band that played the festival.
- Acting like a total cock

Anyways if you feel like having your day ruined, check out the videos above.

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