Friday, March 09, 2012

Upon A Burning Body Song Snippet

Upon A Burning Body has released a 50 second trailer for their upcoming album Red, White, Green via Sumerian Records. They're really going full force with the "Mexi-core" thing on this one.. I was pretty sure though they were all from Texas and that one member was definitely a white red neck... oh well. The track reminds me of "Intermission" from their previous album but that might mostly have to do with the poor decision to use clips from that music video. But I do like the track and Upon A Burning Body are one of my favourite bands in the current "metalcore/deathcore" scene. It's nice to see to they didn't get all djent on our asses like so many bands are doing these days. Hopefully we'll get a full song soon considering that the release date of April 10th is fast approaching.

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