Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stick To Your Guns Acoustic Version of "We Still Believe"

Stick To Your Guns album Diamond came out today and it's awesome. But to make everything a little more awesome Sumerian has released an acoustic version of "We Still Believe" performed by front-man Jesse Barnett. Sumerian CEO Ash Avildsen released the following statement:

In an age of over-produced albums and electronic music everywhere you turn, a voice and an acoustic guitar is there to remind us that it is still the most organic thing there is. When I first heard "We Still Believe" I immediately fell in love with the song and asked Jesse to make an acoustic version. In the sense of honesty and being "real", to me there is nothing more hardcore than not hiding behind anything with the world watching you. This is a live recording/performance and I am beyond proud to have this on Sumerian Records."

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