Saturday, March 03, 2012

Skip The Foreplay: MTL, Bitch!

Skip The Foreplay from Montreal, Canada have announced that they will be releasing their debut album on May 1st, 2012 via Epitaph Records. Nightlife was recorded in Montreal by former Blessed By A Broken Heart drummer Frank Shooflar at Bird Wazo Studios last year. For those of you who are not from Canada or live under a rock, Skip The Foreplay released a song/video for "This City (We're Taking Over)" last fall which caught the attention of Epitaph who signed them shortly after. The video was full of guest spots from fellow Montreal frontmen including Alex Erian (Despised Icon, Obey The Brave), Tyler Hoare (Blessed By A Broken Heart) and Jonathan Cabana (Blind Witness). As for the actual band, they are nobodies and seemed to heavily rely on these guest spots to gain them some attention. Now the weirdest thing is that I actually don't hate this song... bands like Abandon All Ships, The Browning, etc cause me to seize and usually puke on the closest person to me. I will say this though, the rappingish part (Hoare's bit)... is super weak and so is his band. But I actually like the guitar work and use of electronics. They seem to fit and keep it pretty heavy. Also anything that Alex Erian touches kind of gives me a semi. "YOU'RE IN M T L BITCH!!!". Check out the video for their single "This City (We're Taking Over)" below. Skip The Foreplay will also be on all the dates for the 2012 run of Warped Tour.

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