Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Recon Record "Hell" Available Today

Recon's new EP Hell is available today via iTunes. It's another D.I.Y. or Die type of record but the story behind it is pretty interesting. You can check out the video above and read the statement done by guitarist Mike Muholland below. For those of you who don't know, Mike has been touring with Emmure since the Felony era after the Lionetti brothers left the band. Tony Diaz the other guitarist is one of the two touring guitarists with The Acacia Strain. I'm liking this new stuff more than anything I ever heard from this band in the past. If you buy the record via iTunes the money is also going directly to the band, which is something I support. If you dig, go buy the fucking EP! You can get all the info at their website http://www.reconhc.com/

From Mike:
Around the beginning of 2009, Recon had been out on the road in support of our first full length, Welcome to Viper City for about a year and a half. Over the course of that period, I had started to put together some demos for a new album that we had planned on recording and releasing later that year.
Around the same time, our full US tour with For Today was starting come to a close and we were somewhere in Iowa when I received a call from my good buddy Jesse from Emmure. He said that the band was interested in having me play for them. Having toured with them several times (both in Recon and as a fill-in for For The Fallen Dreams in early 2007), I knew I got along great with the dudes and pretty quickly agreed. It was a tough decision, but Recon had gone through several vocalists and each time, it got harder to bounce back. Since Jesse called me that day, I’ve spent about 9-10 months a year playing shows allover the world for all sorts of people. Sometimes when opportunity knocks, you’ve gotta answer.
Let’s fast forward to the fall/winter of 2010. Over the course of the small periods of time that I had at home, I started working on those original demos, sending bits and pieces to other members of the band. I also started slowly investing little bits of extra cash into a simple but effective recording rig, which we ended up tracking the whole record on in various rooms and studios.
During the process of transitioning crude demos recorded in vans, greenrooms and hotels into a real record - I spoke with Craig Ericson, CEO of RISE records. We discussed the prospect of self-releasing this album and doing everything pretty much 100% ourselves. We had a great history and were always treated very well by the RISE family in the past, and Craig - being the ethical and awesome dude that he is, gave us his blessing. Guys like Craig are few and far between in the music industry and it’s refreshing to know that amidst a sea of greedy reptiles, there are a few good people.
So let’s cut to one day in November or December - Emmure was out on tour with Attack Attack! and we played a show in Philly at the TLA. My best friend and Recon bassist, John DeBonis, was at the show and he had brought his other best friend, Rob Fusco. Being a fan of Most Precious Blood and One King Down, Rob and I had met several times – he even did a guest spot on one of Recon’s early demos (“Nowhere to run” - 2005) when we were just babies. What a guy.
As it turned out, John had let Rob hear some of the demos I was working on and he really liked them. At this point, I’m thinking “Awesome, maybe he can do a guest spot on one of the songs once I figure out who’s singing on this thing. Fuck yeah!” He then told me that he’d like to do vocals for all of the songs. Even better.
After that exchange, everything sort of kicked into gear. Paul and I spent a few weeks going through, reworking parts and re-tracking everything on our own. Given the nature of this project, it was important to all of us that we kept things tight and only involved friends that we trusted to work on the record. I asked my buddy Justin Lowe (of After The Burial) if he’d like to mix the damn thing and he was up for it. Him and I had talked shop quite a bit on the tours we had done together and I knew that he understood and could bring to life the kind of heaviness a band like Recon required. Later on, after hearing some work that spoke for itself, I recruited a long time friend Brendan Williams, to mix the vocals.

Over the course of the next nine months - in the small windows of time that we had, Rob and I met up several times to complete the vocal tracking for Hell, all the while sending demos and ideas back and forth. This allowed us to tweak and rework parts and really create the record that we wanted to, after all – we weren’t facing any strict deadlines from higher up and we didn’t have any tours that we had to immediately head out on (excluding the 9 month and several part world tour I did with Emmure). We tracked the majority of the record at my house and the parts that we couldn’t, we did at North Sea studios in Albany. Since we didn’t have a budget other than our own pockets, we ended up trading gear and good karma for studio time.

So as I write this - we’re in the final stages of mixing and mastering and I’m feeling pretty confident that this record will have been worth the wait. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is by far the best Recon album to date and something that we’re all truly proud of. Shit, I’ve been hearing the songs for almost a year and a half now, and I still don’t hate them. Either way, I apologize for keeping everyone out of the loop for so long and we want to say thanks to everyone who reached out to us wondering what the fuck we were up to this whole time, it really kept us motivated. Now you know. Our new record entitled “Hell” is going to hit iTunes on March 6th.
Since you all possess free will and it’s 2012, I’m not going to tell you not to download it. Just know that when you actually do purchase “Hell” on iTunes, the money that you spend is going directly to musicians, which then allows us to continue to create more music, eat and be slackers.
A few of you may be curious as to whether or not RECON will be playing some shows anytime soon. It’s pretty difficult to make scheduling work with me touring the world full-time with EMMURE , Tony doing the same with THE ACACIA STRAIN and John, Rob, & Paul all balancing real life jobs and other music projects. With that said, we have had a few rehearsals and will be making our return to the stage on Sunday, April 22nd at the 2012 NEW ENGLAND METAL AND HARDCORE FESTIVAL.
 See you there.

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