Monday, March 12, 2012

Liferuiner: Through The Eyes of... Prt 1 & 2

Liferuiner have gone from the laughing stock of the metal/hardcore scene (circa 2008 to 2011ish) to one of the most thought provoking and genuine bands out there. I am not straight-edge in anyway.. sometimes I wish I were! But I'm not. I still love Liferuiner though and always have for some reason. There new EP was awesome and I'm super excited to hear their new full-length. The thing about them that I love so much now is their thought provoking lyrics and their positive message. Sure sometime I need to sit and listen to bands like the Acacia Strain or Whitechapel, but I consider that therapy. In a world that looks bleaker by the day its good to have bands around like Liferuiner and Stick To Your Guns that remind you to keep positive and your chin up. Liferuiner has now released the second video in their "Through The Eyes of..." series. Check it out.

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