Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The All Stars 2012 Line-Up

The All Stars Tour 2012 has finally announced it's official line-up after weeks of speculation. Apparently there are still a few special guests to be announced for certain dates but here are all the main acts:

Suicide Silence
Unearth (select dates)
Dance Gavin Dance (select dates)
The Word Alive
I See Stars
A Skylit Drive
Winds of Plague
Stick To Your Guns
For The Fallen Dreams
Stray From The Path
Make Me Famous
Betraying the Martyrs
Obey the Brave

I'm especially excited to have Canada's own Obey The Brave as the opening act although I find it sad that Stray From The Path isn't considered more of a headlining act. Oh well, fuck it. As for I See Stars and A Skylit Drive I just think... why? why? why? Personally Make Me Famous is one of the worst bands out there right now... like Design The Skyline bad. Surprised they're not on here. But I'm not 14 anymore so I guess that's why I don't understand. Dates will be announced in April.

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