Thursday, February 09, 2012

VH1's Metal Evolution now streaming online

As a metal fan, I find most television programs, movies or documentaries aimed at discussing music or the history of it to be, well, pretty fucking lame. I don't have watch any more documentaries on The Doors, or Biggie Smalls; Jim Morrison killed himself and Biggie Smalls (quite deservingly) got killed. End of story. Why do documentarians insist on continuing to cover what's already been covered into oblivion?

Thank fucking God someone by the name of Sam Dunn decided to educate the masses on heavy metal history and some of the more influential acts in the genre through a series of in-depth documentaries (Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Global Metal, Iron Maiden: Flight 666, Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage) and just wrapped up an 11 part documentary series called Metal Evolution on VH1.

Well, it appears that like many things 'metal' that Metal Evolution is now streaming online, FOR FREE! You can check them out on VH1's webiste.

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