Monday, February 27, 2012

Recon Is Back!! New Song/EP

Ah man, this brings me back to first year University.. circa 2007ish. I remember being so excited for the new Recon album Welcome To Viper City which for the most part.. sucked. They were Rise Records heaviest band on the roster along with American Me. But then guitarist Mike Mulholland quit the band to go and join Emmure (yeah that's right.. quitting a straight-edge band to join up with a bunch of notorious addicts..). It seems though that the band is back with Mulholland and new vocalist Rob Fusco (Most Precious Blood) and they're self-releasing an EP via iTunes titled Hell on March 6th. (Note: Newly reformed Remembering Never are also self-releasing a new EP called This is Hell). The song titled "For Every Collar, A Leash". It's not reinventing the wheel in any way but it sounds a lot better than their last full-length and I'm eager to check out this EP to reconnect with one of my old faves. You can check out the band's Facebook.

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