Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Municipal Waste's 'Fatal Feast: Waste In Space' album art revealed

Richmond, Virginia thrash band Municipal Waste revealed the artwork for their album 'Fatal Feast: Waste In Space' today, which was created by the talented Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design who also designed the album art for Aborted's 'Global Flatline' which came out in January. It looks pretty cool, and it's definitely metal: It's got gore, mutants, and are those empty beers around that devoured corpse? You don't get much harder than that.

But it's got me thinking, since when is previewing album artwork a big deal? How much do fans really care about the artwork on the album in comparison to the album itself? Good album art definitely adds to the overall aesthetic of an album, but I think that until the album comes out, it's just a picture (a face with no name, if you will).

A few weeks back Meshuggah posted the cover art for their forthcoming release 'Koloss' and as excited as I am for that album, I couldn't care less about the artwork. I'll take the time to appreciate it when I pick up the album, but without a soundtrack it's just a JPEG to me. In either case I would much rather listen to a 30 second rough clip of one of the tracks on the albums.

I guess its fair to say that as bad ass as 'Fatal Feast's' album art is, it left me hungry for something more, especially after 2009's 'Massive Aggressive' which let me down a little.

Anyways, mark April 10 on your calendar because that's when 'Fatal Feast: Waste in Space' becomes available to us earthlings, and it's definitely going to deserve a listen.

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