Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Jesse Leach Rejoins Killswitch Engage

This story dropped yesterday and there's a good chance you've already heard... but if you haven't; Killswitch Engage announced that original front-man Jesse Leach is back in the band after Howard Jones left the band early this year. Many fans begged for this to happen but it seemed unlikely as the band was holding open auditions and Leach seem tied down with other projects and endeavours. Seems kind of crazy and I'm actually a little bit excited to hear this stuff because I couldn't stand anything Jones did with the band especially the "Holy Diver" cover. It smells like 2003 metalcore to me... and that's alright. There has been no real statement from the band other than the above picture but I'm sure the silence will be broken soon. Time to get out your black t-shirts and studded bracelets. Let's do this. 

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