Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fuck The Facts, KEN mode, and Devin Townsend among 2012 JUNO nominees

Awesome news, everyone. The 2012 JUNO Awards are coming up in a little over a month from now, and they have released their list of nominees for Best Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year. I've gotta say I probably couldn't have picked better nominees myself, barring these first two exceptions.

Anvil were nominated for their album 'Juggernaut of Justice,' most likely because of the hype started by a 2009 documentary about the band. The album that followed that documentary was 'Juggernaut of Justice,' and the public reaction, no doubt, displayed to them that people not only wanted to see a film about a band struggling to make it big in a world that wouldn't pluck two hairs off their own ass to support them, but they wanted to continue to see them struggle in reality, regardless of how many times they've paid their dues. As far as I'm concerned their talent has already taken them as far as they'll ever go.

Next on the list of nominees is Cauldron for 'Burning Fortune.' All I have to say about this album stems from something that I heard member, Jason Decay, say about how they came up with the title of the album. Decay suggested Burning Love and the rest of the band apparently thought they could “live with that” until they could come up with something better, which they never did according to him. This whole album should have been put off until they came up with something better. On that note, Cauldron as a band should have been put off until they came up with an act that didn't sound like Def Leppard on a steady regimen of Estrogen treatments.

Finally, we move down the list onto something that everyone either can or should enjoy: The Devin Townsend Project for his progressive death metal opus, 'Deconstruction top.' This album topped my list of favourite albums in 2011 and if I could carry it into 2012 it would probably top that list too. Other than a little bit of goofing about towards the end of the album (fart sounds, talk of cheeseburgers, and other trademark Hevy Devy tomfoolery) it is a fairly serious release and is hands down one of the most sonically complex series of songs I've ever heard. I can tell you now, if my vote meant shit, DTP would be leaving with a JUNO.

I shouldn't be so quick to rush to judgement though. Fuck The Facts even nabbed a nomination for their deathgrind masterpiece, 'Die Miserable,' an album that spent more than it's fair share of time spinning on my record player. How awesome would it be to hear someone announce that Fuck The Facts would be taking home a Juno in front of millions of confused viewers?

And, finally, Winnipeg noise rockers KEN mode received a nomination for their crushing, bass-laden album, 'Venerable.' This was an album that made I knew would land on my year-end list as soon as I heard it. I was happy albeit a little shocked to see them on the list, as I'd always assumed they were unknown to just about everybody, but it's good to see them getting recognition for their efforts, and from the folks at the JUNO Awards of all places!

So short of a couple timed-out hair metal disasterpieces, the nomination lineup looks fantastic with a well-rounded assortment of metal and hard rock subgenres and I can't wait to see who out of these groups of headbangers will get to bring home one of those coveted awards.

The JUNO festivities kick off here in Ottawa on March 26 and run until April 1.

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