Thursday, February 09, 2012

Don't go 'South of Heaven' this Valentine's day without your custom Slayer condom!

Slayer is feeling the love this Valentines Day, and want you to feel it too! The band is offering fans a very special Valentines package, FOR your package. They're selling specially themed Slayer shirts (a women's shirt, that reads 'I Heart SLAYER' and a men's which dons the simple slogan, 'FUCKIN' SLAYER') complete with custom Slayer condoms.

I'm telling you guys, if your lady buys you one of these, you never EVER let her go, and if you get her one and she still won't let you stick it in her butt, then I think it's probably time to have the old 'It's not you, its me' talk.

I hope we can expect more holiday packages like this from the kings of anti-christian thrash (I would love a 'Christ Illusion' nativity scene for Christmas this year, guys). So what are you waiting for? Head over to their webshop and slay some with Slayer this Valentines Day!

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