Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Converge record with Tomas Lindberg and Danny Lilker

I shouldn't have to explain much about Converge so I'll save my energy and get straight to the meat of this story:
Converge have been 'locked up' (hehe) in Kurt Ballou's very own Godcity Studios for a while now, and the album seems to be progressing well according to the bands' Facebook page, in which they more than hinted that the band would have some very special guest appearances on it, no surprise considering other artists clearly love working with the band (see guest appearances on 'Axe To Fall'). Anyway, here's what they posted on Feb. 10:

“Tompa came by the studio with Danny Lilker to do some recording w/ us. Go see Lock Up on tour now!!!”

So hopefully now you get my little 'locked up' joke, and you're all that much more stoked for this album. It's likely gonna rule.

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