Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Album Review: Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here EP

Chimp Spanner -All Roads Lead Here (February 6th, 2012 via Basick Records)

If Paul Ortiz was meant to do anything besides making music in life, I'm not sure what it could be. The man seems to compose non-stop, making music for everything from video games to TV commercials, and his idea of fun seems to be getting away from one kind of music and writing another.

Ortiz, better known by the name of his solo project Chimp Spanner, released a new EP yesterday. This is pretty big news to the djent community. It's called 'All Roads Lead Here' and although I really enjoyed the full-length released previous to this, this EP makes 'At The Dream's Edge' seem like a rushed, half-assed last minute effort. 'All Roads' is both beautiful and crushing and while sounding meticulously calculated it flows naturally.

Chimp Spanner, being a totally instrumental project, Ortiz seems to make up for the lack of singing by creating an emotional vibe using a quite perfect balance of both melody and groove. Listeners can expect a wall of sound while listening to 'All Roads'. The guitars, drums, bass are all sealed together at points by layers of synth, resulting in an ambient feel, especially through all three parts of the song Möbius.

Ortiz displays his virtuosity on a whole new level over the duration of this six-track EP, incorporating stunningly phrased solos, baffling rhythm riffs, and moments of clean, peaceful melody that can only be described as sublime to create a soundscape that is bound to make many other 2012 instrumental metal releases pale in comparison.

The Metal & Hardcore Times gives Chimp Spanner's 'All Roads Lead Here' a perfect score of 10/10 stagedives.


01. Dark Age Of Technology
02. Engrams
03. Mobius Pt I
04. Mobius Pt II
05. Mobius Pt III
06. Cloud City*

*Recommended track

- Dan “The Grinder” Hurtubise

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