Thursday, January 05, 2012

Oceano Breaking Up Extremely Slowly

For over a month now there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Oceano was done as band or not. The announcement yesterday of Howard Jones leaving Killswitch was shortly followed by Adam Warren of Oceano announcing his departure as front-man. 
"I'm shocked, but well... If Killswitch can go on after 9 years and 3 albums without Mr. Jones on vox.... Why couldn't a certain band with out me? (2 albums and a mere 3 years) Just sayin. I got a son that's growing quick to provide for and I don't wanna miss a second of it. I keep it real. I'm workin on some projects here at home, they'll pop up when I get time away from father duties to dig deeper."
It was only uncertain for about 24 hours on what the rest of the band was up to.
"Just to clear everything up, Oceano is NOT looking for a new singer. New England Metal and Hardcore Festival will be one of the last Oceano shows ever, and yes, Adam will be there. Thanks for all of your support."
Oceano is one of our favourite over here. In a lot of ways Adam Warren was "Oceano" and the only original member, so it's not surprising they are calling it quits.  NEMF is definitely going to be quite the show this year.

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