Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obey The Brave new band ft. members of Despised Icon & Blind Witness

Although I've sort of known about this band for awhile know, they finally made an official press release yesterday announcing tour dates and a clip of a new song. Obey The Brave is comprised of members of Despised Icon and Blind Witness, most notably Alex Erian on vocals (DI). After the countless guest spots he's done on albums since the demise of his band, I was beginning to wonder when Erian would start to take a band seriously again. I always get stoked on Canadian bands (and Tim Hortons) because to be honest the Ontario/Montreal metal scene has the best up and coming bands around (Structures, Counterparts, Dancing With Paris, Beheading of a King, etc). I really like the sound of the song clip too. It doesn't really sound much like Despised Icon at all and definitely has more of a Blind Witness/Ghost Inside feel to it. I am excited to hear more from this band in the coming months. Stay tuned.

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