Monday, January 30, 2012

New Video Alert: Obey The Brave - "Live & Learn"

New video from Obey The Brave for the just released single "Live & Learn."
This is the new band to feature Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian on vocals as well as a couple ex-members of Canadian metalcore band Blind Witness. I love this song. I want to say it's different.. it's not really.. but it's like what a lot of bands were doing 2 to 3 years ago done right. If this had turned about to be a djent band or something I probably wouldn't give 2 fucks. It sounds like Despised Icon's vocals (minus the growls and squeals) mixed over some Ghost Inside or the more melodic parts of Blind Witness. Regardless, this shit is awesome and I can't wait for a full length. Obey The Brave got over 10 000 likes on their Facebook page in a little more than a week. Expect these guys on some big tour this summer because this shit is taking off! Keep it coming my fellow Canucks!! 9/10.

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