Friday, January 27, 2012

New Video Alert: Born Of Osiris - "Follow The Signs"

New video for "Follow The Signs" from metalcore act Born Of Osiris.
From 2011's The Discovery via Sumerian Records.
This is a great looking video! It was released by the band last night as 12am via the Sumerian YouTube Channel. This video would suck though if it didn't include the band performing. I had "art" music videos because I feel like it actually has no connection to the band and they generally bore the hell out of me. It appears that former guitarist Jason Richardson is in the video although you see him next to nothing, probably due to post filming editing. Richardson has since gone on to replace the lead guitarist in Chelsea Grin who quit in December for person reasons. Anyways, awesome video guys. I like the inclusion of the intrelude "The Omnisicent" at the beginning and really this was probably my favourite track off the album. The lyrics are awesome and pretty meaningful. The video is also dedicated to Zach Avanzato who passed away after crashing his car into a tree in October 2011. Looking forward to some new Born Of Osiris in late 2012 maybe? 9/10.

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  1. Note: JR did not quit, was kicked out as he 'didn't fit in' with how many other members of the band wanted to 'live their lives'.