Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Video Alert: Attack Attack! - "The Wretched"

New video for the song "The Wretched" from Attack Attack.
It's from their forthcoming album This Means War due out January 17th via Rise Records.
I don't know if I like this yet, but if I were to choose an Attack Attack! album to listen to, I would probably choose this more "mature" sounding stuff over the old techno-crab-core shit from a few years back. I like the vocals better than their previous album too. I like the song alright but not the video so much. I don't really get it and what's with him giving himself hugs the whole time? I'm guessing it's a reference to This Means War and all the shit talking other bands (Stray From The Path) did on Attack Attack! So they're showing up to fight and then the he has a bag of hammers and is like "Let's build something together" and they're like "Okay." Hmm... lame. 7/10

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