Friday, January 20, 2012

New Impending Doom Tune - "For The Wicked"

Here's a new song (okay well 9 days old) from Impending Doom from their forthcoming album Baptized In Filth (lmao). I really like their last album but for some reason I wasn't expecting much from this album. I mean how much can you expect from a band that's hellbent (HAH!) on releasing a record every 12 to 14 months (coughEmmurecough). I wouldn't really consider this in any way heavier than anything they previously done or more progressive. It's just... Impending Doom. The 666 line at the end is kind of fun though.. but a little too Slipknot. I mean after all this is their first "major label" debut. Weak. More tunes to come before the album drops on March 13th via eOne Music.

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