Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Human Abstract Rumoured To Be On Hiatus

Sadly, after about 7 years together as a band, The Human Abstract have decided to call it quits or go on hiatus or something. Although there has been no official statement by the band, Under The Gun uncovered a personal Facebook post from bassist Henry Selva:

Folks, we are not looking for a new vocalist. We are not touring anytime soon. I think it's only fair you guys know that we're on 'break or hiatus if you will.' I don't know why we haven't said anything. I guess it's because there is always that 'maybe if something happens, etc..etc…' Or maybe it's hard for us to realize the reality of our situation, the band's situation, to finally let go. I'll be honest when I say the folllowing: Periphery and Never Say Die were our last tours together as a band.
Sadly this band seemed like they could never get the right foot forward through years of struggle within the band. This will disappointment many as the band has worked up quite the following over the years.

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