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Beheading Of A King Speaks! Exclusive Interview

Canadian metal band Beheading Of A King released a brand new song "Sources" back in December. It was the first material fans had heard since the release of Quasar in July 2011. Quasar featured vocals from Matt Paquette who passed away last February. It also featured their new guitarist Jaime Bosvik, an 18 year old from Thunder Bay, ONT who brings a whole new dynamic to the band's sound as well as their new vocalist Fred Beaulieu. We chatted with Jaime this week and he gave us a very in depth look into the band's past year and as well as what's in store for  Beheading Of A King  in 2012. Check it out below.

TMHT: There was a period of inactivity for the band between August and December. You also lost your singer and guitarist. What was happening with the band during that time?
Jaime Bosvik: Well actually that stuff happened at different times, first Matt passed, Rick switched to vocals, then I joined the band, and after a few months, we replaced Rick with Fred. We were practicing with our friend Gab Desb from God Falls in the mean time actually due to a previously booked show we had committed to.
TMHT: How do you guys go about writing material if you don't all live close to each other?
JB: We actually send videos to each other on iPhones [laughs]. We film ourselves playing riffs and then eventually we Guitar Pro it. Simon is simply a rhythm master and Ben and I know the theory. Peo shoots some crazy deadly ideas and Fred is actually a pretty good guitarist too and helps with writing riffs. Oh yeah, and we have a Dropbox folder we share the riffs and update them in, its pretty cool.
TMHT: What can we expect from your new singer Fred Beaulieu?
JB: He sounds the same in person as you've heard on the recording. Fred's range is actually very wide which will be utilized more on the full length and he'll tower over most people he encounters.
TMHT: How did you find Fred? Did he try out over YouTube?
JB: The way it happened was… I was at Ben's house and Simon said something about a deadly try out on the email. Ben and I watched it and I almost shit my self!! Then Ben said, "That's it, we take him". Fred had some video of his old band Crashhead on there as well, I was really impressed with his band. [You can view a video of Fred doing vocals for Quasar here, Reclaim This Gold here, and covering Whitechapel here. If you were doubting him, I don't think you will be anymore.]
TMHT: How many people tried out? Did you have an overwhelming amount of people go through?
JB: I'm not exactly sure how many people tried out. There was quite a number of emails, not too many though, we were able to go through all of them.
TMHT: What do you think of the Attack Attack! record? Thoughts on their "new sound"?
JB: I really don't like it. But if it's what they want to do, so be it.
TMHT: Structures or Volumes?
JB: I don't have a favourite between those two, I like them both.
TMHT: You guys are on The Haunt of Death tour with This or the Apocalypse this March. How excited are you!? How did that come about?
JB: I'm pretty excited for that! We were asked from their booking agent to join on the tour. So that's pretty awesome!
TMHT: Any more tours lined up afterwards?
JB: Not confirmed so I'm not making any promises.
TMHT:  Have you guys thought about when your full length will be dropping?
JB: There has been talk but easier said than done, in other words nothing set yet.
TMHT: Quasar must have gotten you noticed abroad. Any prospects of being signed in the US or Europe?
JB: There has been some talk but were waiting and looking for something that will have the best outcome.
TMHT: If Beheading of a King could do a tour with 2 other fantasy bands, who would you choose?
JB: Well I can't speak for all of them because lots of us have different favourite bands. But I would like to tour with The Black Dahlia Murder or Meshuggah.
TMHT: You're a relatively young group of guys. What do you all do when you're not doing stuff associated with the band?
JB: Mostly hanging out with friends, practicing, and working.
TMHT: Is Beheading of a King still in the writing process for their full length or is that all done?
JB: She's still being crafted!
TMHT: How are you going to use 7 strings to bring a new element to your sound?
JB: The advantages of using a 7 string is they're extended scale compared to 6 strings for the most part. So the lower notes are more in tune and carry through better. We just tune in EBGDAEA [high to low] so we have a dropped tuning on the low string, but still have full standard tuning underneath, tends to help writing feel less limited.
TMHT:  Sources was written by Matt before he passed away right?
JB: Actually there has been lots of talk about that. Originally Matt wrote the song, Rick added to it, and we continuously worked on the song after. Simon changed lots of patterns in it, I wanted to use 7 strings, Ben wrote some very interesting bass lines which I prefer more instead of constantly riding the tonic ALL the time. There's been a lot of changes in the guitar parts, not TOO drastic but its more dynamically interesting and there's little sweeps. The old version Matt wrote was more poppy and had little details that we weren't too interested in using anymore.
TMHT: In September you guys dismissed founding member Rick Patenaude who had recently switched from guitar over to vocals. There's been some rumours over stolen music and what really happened. Want to take a moment to clear the air for everyone?
JB: Well as I said with Sources we put a ton of time into it and made as many changes as possible. Then for the rest of the album we actually just pulled a few riffs that only the current members wrote. That being said, Matt or Rick's input is no longer in the new album (excluding "Sources"). He had a lot personal drama at the time and it just really wasn't working out for the band anymore. We wish him well though.
Thanks to Jaime Bosvik for taking the time to talk to us! Be sure to check them out on The Haunt of Death Tour w/This Or The Apocolypse. For all the tour dates you can find them on their Facebook page

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