Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Video Alert: Serianna - "Virtues"

New video for "Virtues" from Serianna.
From Inheritors (2011) via Bullet Tooth Recorods.

Pretty standard metalcore that a lot of bands were playing 2 to 3 years ago. Thinking ABR meets old Born of Osiris.

Legend Writing New Album This Winter

Michigan metalcore act Legend, have recently let fans know that they are in the process of writing their 3rd full length record for Rise Records. The group released the statement below:

"As promised we have some exciting news here at the Legend camp. We will begin writing for our third Rise Records release this Winter. We couldn't be happier about doing another record with the best label in this industry. We hope you guys continue your support and check out updates as they come. There will be a few tours in the works to support this release. Who's READY!?!"

Many, including myself, had speculated that Legend had broken up or been dropped by Rise Records earlier this fall due to poor album sales of their last release The Pale Horse. It's unclear at the moment whether or not all the members involved in The Pale Horse will be working on the new album or if it'll be founding members Chad Ruhlig (frontman) and Dylan Shippy (drummer) with a new crew of axe grinders. Stay tuned for more updates on the new Legend album.

Update: The line-up will be the same as The Pale Horse. With an expected early summer release.
Chad Ruhlig - Vocals
Aaron Bagby (former guitarist for ABACABB) - Guitar
Matty Harrah - Bass
Dylan Shippey - Drums
Confirmed by drummer Dylan Shippey.

Open This Pit Up!

"Time to go slam punch some Republican hippies." Thanks to Volumes for making my day this this photo. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beheading Of A King Single Teaser/Interview Preview

Beheading of a King has just posted a new studio video featuring clips of the band working away on a new single entitled "Sources". They have also finally revealed their new vocalist Frédéric Beaulieu, replacing former vocalist Matt Paquette who passed away in February of this year. "Sources" was recorded at 357 Productions in Longuiel, Quebec by Antoine Lussier (guitarist of Ion Dissonance) who has also worked on releases from his own band, Despised Icon, and Emmure's Felony. Lussier will also be recording BOAK's new full length in early 2012.

2011 was an unstable year for BOAK for many reasons. Obviously the death of Paquette was crippling to the band that was planning on releasing their EP Quasar much earlier than it's eventual July release. Jaime Bosvik was added in May as lead guitarist because former guitarist Rick Patenaude took over vocals only to be booted by the band after their summer tour in August. After this period it was unclear for awhile if BOAK was going to continue on as a band. In the fall they began to audition vocalists but no statement had been made by the band until today regarding the official future of BOAK. It seems like the band is well on it's way for a truly EPIC year in 2012. Beaulieu eerily sounds very similar to Paquette in this studio video above which I think many fans will appreciate. I spoke with guitarist Jaime Bosvik this morning and he had the following to say about the bands new vocalist and sound:

"Our new sound is definitely different for many aspects. More mature, more heavy, every song is going to have a different style of something. We want them all to be unique. 7 strings are awesome to use because Ben and I took music in school and having a standard tuning under a low A really helps us write some cool stuff. Fred sounds the exact same when jamming [laughs]. There was never a time when we doubted his capabilities. He has a really big range and practices non stop, all of the different techniques too. He pretty much studies how the voice works!"

2012 will no doubt be the year 2011 should have been for Beheading of a King. The band has a brand new full length album and tours lined up so make sure to "like" their Facebook page here to stay in the loop.

- A.M.

Tweet of the Day! - Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God

 D. Randall Blythe 

Blythe will be filling the vocal spot for Cannabis Corpse's show on January 7th. I guess he's been practicing!

Dillinger Escape Plan Writing New Album for 2012

According to, The Dillinger Escape Plan are writing a follow-up to their 2010 album Option Paralysis for release sometime in 2012. Founding guitarist Ben Weinman and drummer Billy Rymer began writing new material earlier in December. Weiman had the following to say about the writing process:

"Billy and I have been locked up in the Dillinger compound and things are starting to boil. There is nothing like that feeling when you realize... Yep, just when I thought I was drained, the juices are back in full force! The neighbors are definitely getting pissed, but we couldn't be more excited."

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New Video Alert! Sleeping Giant - "Tithemi"

New video for "Tithem" from Christian metal act, Sleeping Giant.
From Kingdom Days in an Evil Age (2011) via Ain't No Grave Records.

This band slaps you so hard in the face with Jesus, being the atheist I am, I seriously debated whether I should post this shit or not. But alas I'm a ranter and nothing gets me going like Jesus in metal (don't forget atheists are also ALL satanists...).  Sleeping Giant also only has a fan-base because Frankie from Emmure who believes in Lizard Jesus (for real) reps them like the world is going to end tomorrow and not in a year. It's not even all the religious stuff that bugs me about this video, it's also the fact that the song itself is boring, repetitive, and falls flat just like all their other tunes. Something about "Jesus holds the crown! Bow Down! Hallelujah!" just doesn't make me want to bang my head. Blah. Fuck. I'm done. I'm going to go listen to Reign In Blood by Slayer now to beat the Jesus out of me. I can't even rate this one. Too biased. Okay fine... 0.0000245/10 and that's only because the guitarist is wearing a Terror cut-off.

Cannabis Corpse Down Two Stoners

Death metal band Cannabis Corpse (that CANNABIS not CANNIBAL) from Richmond, VA annoucned via their Facebook last night the departure of Andy Horn (vocals) and Nick Poulos (guitar).

``Yo Yo Cannabis corpse fans, Good news and bad news
Bad news: "Weedgrinder" and "Nikropolis" have decided to leave Cannabis Corpse, We wish them luck on there future endeavors,
Good news: Cannabis corpse will continue to play shows and put out killer death metal with a new line up, Interested parties contact us @``

The band more recently posted today that Randy Blythe the front-man of Lamb of God would be filling in for vocals on their January 7th show at Club Canal.

Cannabis Corpse, a highly respected band that pokes fun at Cannibal Corpse titles released their newest album, Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise, this past July via Tankcrimes Records.

Has Attack Attack! Gone Djent?

Last week a brand new Attack Attack! song entitled "The Motivation" appeared on YouTube.
If anyone paid attention to the re-release of their self-titled album earlier this year they would know that the band has taken on a new heavier sound (some say djentish) as well as moving their keyboardist Caleb Shomo up to full time vocals. Well now we have the first song off their 3rd release The Motivation available via Rise Records on January 17th, 2012.

"The Motivation" sounds like a mix of "Last Breath" and "Pick A Side" (two of the four tracks from the re-release). At the beginning we have a very typical djent sounding riff that immediately goes into a more melodic chorus that is very akin to AA! 's past works. So like most AA! songs it sounds like three or four songs from four different sub-genres mashed uncomfortably into one.

I will say this, it could be far far worse. AA! has at least decided to move into a new direction or style unlike many other metal bands. Obviously crab-core and auto-tune choruses aren't nearly as popular as they once were and bands holding onto that are slowly fading into the abyss. So you could say that AA! are brilliant for including some djent elements into their new work since djent and 8-string guitars are taking over the scene.

AA! does need a new fresh sound since they've had a rough year between losing founding member Johnny Franck (guitarist/singer) and coming under-fire within the scene for using and iPod to play their music during their live performances. There was some beef between  AA!  and Stray From The Path after the release of their track iMember from Rising Sun which calls out  AA!  for deceiving their fans at live shows with lyrics such as "I'm right by your side I pull the plug" and "When you're gone I'll hang a black flag with a lighthouse shining." iMember also quotes  AA!  from a interview (available here) where they say something like "We have pink and purple in our name but then kids come to shows and see that we have heavy ass breakdowns.``

Aside from all the beef and bullshit that Attack Attack! have been through in 2011 it seems like they're ready for a fresh start, I'm just not sure yet if I care or not. I guess we will find out on January 17th (or sooner) when I rip their album off of mediafire. One last interesting note, This Means War was produced by Caleb Shomo (vocalist) who is only 18 years old.

Round Up:
With new clean vocals, improved screaming, djent, and less synth it's safe to say that we're bound to see a new Attack Attack! in January.  High school-ers are going to eat this shit up when this album drops in January. Just remember in the words of the great DL from The Acacia Strain, "Fuck djent, it's just metal."
6 out of 10

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Bleeding Through Song Surfaces

A new Bleeding Through song surfaced online yesterday entitled "From Faith In Fire".
This is from their upcoming release The Great Fire available from Rise Records on January 31st, 2012.
Short and fast with plenty of keyboards and double kick, this is everything you would expect from a Bleeding Through song... I'm growing weary of them.

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Metalcore X-Mas Light Show - August Burns Red's "Carol of the Bells"

Check out a Chirstmas light show set to August Burns Red's "Carol of the Bells" using the Light-o-Meter technology that we've been seeing so much of lately. The house is in Caledonia, WI and features 32 light channels. The display was designed by Bret MacDonald.

Romp at the ETID X-Mas Show

The legendary Every Time I Die held their annual Christmas show in Buffalo this past week (December 16th) and security acted very, very naughty and now probably won't get any gifts now.
You can check out all the douche-baggery that begins around the 3:15 mark when Keith invites fans to stage dive to their last song (Floater). Security weren't having any of that and reacted quite poorly to the situation by taking down several fans that hopped up in rough fashion. Props though to the band for getting through all that bullshit and managing to crank out Floater anyways.
Story courtesy of

Like Moths To Flames Holding Vocal Cover Contest

Metalcore rockers Like Moths To Flames are holding a vocal cover contest for the tune "You Won't Be Missed" from their newest release When We Don't Exist (Rise Records 2011).
Front-man Colin Farre... I mean Chris Roetter (formerly of Eramosa) invites fans to put their own vocals over an instrumental version that is up for download along with all the contest rules here.

New Video Alert: Saving Grace - "Shekinah"

New video for "Shekinah" from metal act Saving Grace.
From The King Is Coming (2011) via Facedown Records.
Pretty standard "deathcore-esque" tune with some interesting parts.
Inclusion of the guitarist's vocals makes the tune more interesting.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Liferuiner Release Final Video from S.O.S.E. & Post EP for Free

Canadian straight-edgers Liferuiner have released the 3rd and final video from their Sons of Straight Edge EP released independently by the band in 2011. "Kids Wanna Rock" is the latest single (a demo version was released around a year ago) and you can check out the video in HD above. The video and free EP come just more than a week after Liferuiner completed their first successful European (and non-Canadian) tour in years.
Stay tuned for a full review of this EP later this week! You can download a high quality version of the EP released by the band here at

Tweet Of The Day! - Oderus Urungus (Front-man from GWAR)

 Oderus Urungus 

With Gaddafi, Osama and Kim Jong II all dead, we are suffering a severe global shortage of crazy world leaders. I am ready to fill the gap!

The Metal & Hardcore Times Update December 19th, 2011

Hello there everyone,

So I majorly lacked in posts over the fall season. I was back in school for the first time since 2009 doing a music degree at University and it took up a lot of my time. That being said, I'm now done and want to get back to focusing on TMHTimes and continue to do so into 2012. I'm working on a new layout, logo, contributors, reviews, interviews, etc. If you're interested in contributing in some way you can email me at I have a couple interviews lined up and some reviews that I'm editing so stay tuned for all that. 2012 will be a big party.

- Austin M.

"Hester Prynne" (LIVE 2011) - As Blood Runs Black

Footage has surfaced today of metalcore act As Blood Runs Black playing on of everyone's old fave's "Hester Prynne" from 2006's Allegiance.
The video is shot in high quality so HD that shit! From the Never Say Die Tour in Germany.

New Video Alert: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - ¨Captain Blood``

New video for `Captain Blood` from France based band, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
From Something for Nothing (2011) via Fearless Records.
Still extremely catchy and annoying... this is much better than their first single.

New Video Alert: Hope Dies Last - "Chapter Two: Never Trust the Hazel Eyed"

New music video for "Chapter Two: Never Trust The Hazel Eyed" from Italian southern metalcore rockers, Hope Dies Last.
From their forthcoming album Trust No One (2012) via Standy Records.