Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tweet of the Day: Bring Me The Horizon Official

 jona weinhofen 

We're actually all dead and just tweeting from beyond the grave. Heaven has dope Internet

Me --> "I wish."

New Video Alert: Bury Your Dead - "Slaughterhouse 5" (LIVE)

New "live" music video for "Slaughterhouse 5" from hardcore beatdown legends, Bury Your Dead.
From "Mosh 'n' Roll" (2011) via Mediaskare Records.
Some will remember that this past summer Bury Your Dead released another video for this song as their first single. It's not really a live video either, it's just live shots played to the song (poorly edited too for instrument syncing). Why they chose to do this and not a track like Deadeye Dick, Bluebeard, or Slapstick is beyond me.
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New Video Alert: Architects - "Delete, Rewind"

New music video for "Delete, Rewind" by British metal band, Architects.
From The Here and Now (2011) via Century Media Records.
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New Video Alert: We Came As Romans - "Just Keep Breathing"

New music video for "Just Keep Breathing" from We Came As Romans.
From Understanding What We've Grown To Be (2011) via Equal Vision Records.
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