Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: David Maxim Micic - Bilo part II

Okay, I'd like to thank The Djent-lemen's Club's Facebook page for this absolute gem of an album. It is a four song EP called Bilo that is available for free download on Mediafire, and don't worry, it's not piracy. He's giving it away, which is absolutely titillating because it's incredible!
Bilo is the debut EP from David Maxim Micic, and The best I can describe it is ultra-melodic ambient djent, fused with funk and electronica. It is djent though, so you can expect to be subjected to top-notch musicianship during the 29 minutes that is Bilo. 'Part II' also features some beautiful female vocals and eerie spoken word segments over top the echoes of down-tuned rhythm guitar. And if you're in the mood for solos, look no further. This song clocks in at 6:14 and has literally minutes of lead work.
But once again I'm strapped for time to work on this, so I'll let the music do the talking.

Dino Cazares announces three new albums for 2012

Dino Cazares, guitarist for Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, and Asesino, is currently in the process of shitting out three (3) new albums, one for each of the aforementioned bands. This makes Brent Hinds' upcoming double-disc release (West End Motel, and Fiend Without A Face) look a little less impressive. How the Hell he writes so much music and still manages to associate which tunes are suitable for what bands, I'll never know. I believe that the first of the releases will be the Asesino album,
All three albums are tentatively due out in 2012.

Holyfuckingshit, new The Faceless

If you recall, when the Faceless were gearing up to release Planetary Duality they also leaked a pre-production demo of The Ancient Covenant. Well, it appears that they are getting ready for a 2011 release and they have released, in accordance, a pre-production demo of their new track The Eidolon Reality and it is bad ass. Already I have a better feeling about this album than Planetary Duality, which in my opinion was one of the bigger disappointments of 2008. I'm also super glad that they dropped the stupid fucking robot effect on the clean vocals that they over-used and outright abused on Duality.
Super melodic lead guitars, schizophrenic drum work, guttural vocals, and obese bass tones. Just what we've come to expect from The Faceless. This will also be their first release since signing to Sumerian Records.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: The Red Chord - Responsibles

Okay, I don't have much time to talk about the Daily Grind today so I picked a song that needs no explanation as to why it fucking rules. I've been obsessing with the Red Chord for about six (6) years, or however long ago Clients came out, and yesterday I just got an autographed CD booklet in the mail from them yesterday (my underwear required changing when I saw Guy's name in sharpie). Also, this song is not only heavy as fuck but the lyrics are all mangled Trailer Park Boy quotes. I suggest you read the lyrics as you listen to the song if you're a fan of the show.
Now I'm off to get drunk. Thank Grind it's Friday!

Holyfuckingshit, Henry Rollins has Twitter

It's official, the last man I ever expected to succumb to the Twitter craze launched his first tweet on May 9th. Henry Rollins usually needs a lot more than 140 characters to get his points across - if you're familiar with his spoken word albums you'll know this - but if anyone can cram 10 pounds of knowledge in a 5 pound bag, it's Henry.
He even promises something of 'relevance' soon.
Follow him here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: Weekend Nachos - Hometown Hero

I've been hearing more and more buzz about Weekend Nachos, who I often just dismissed because of their ridiculous names, and because of this inexplicable association I have with them and Gorilla Biscuits, who I hate. Anyways, I should know by now that when it comes to metal, you can never judge a book by its cover, or its silly title. But to my surprise when I gave their upcoming full-length Worthless a listen and found out that not only were they far from being a shitty band but they're so fucking fast and heavy, they're physically draining to listen to. I literally tensed up during the first moments of Hometown Hero, which is the opening track on the album and it only got better from there.
The song comes out of nowhere. It starts off with a few quick jabs and then proceeds to get so fucking punchy you'd better afford yourself some room to swing your arms. It's good that Weekend Nachos can get me pumped up so quickly because with their songs clocking in at about a minute on average, it doesn't give them a lot of time to throw in many hooks. It's just sheer ferocity. I mean the vocalist's screams sounds like they fuckin' hurt!
This is powerviolence at its absolute best, pure, unadulterated and totally pissed off. Worthless comes out May 15th.

MOTHERLAND available on Myspace today!

Don't forget, Arsonists Get All The Girls begin streaming Motherland on Myspace today!
The whole album will be up until the 13th, and will be available for streaming on Facebook from the 14th to 16th. Check that shit out immediately!

Isis to release back catalogue of live albums

Isis, who broke up, or disbanded, or whatever term you want to use to communicate the fact that they aren't a band anymore (some diehards I know get pissy when I say Isis 'broke up') last year, but apparently that doesn't mean that they're going to stop releasing music! Good news for the diehards!
A total of five (5) live albums will be released by July 26 and they will include recordings that will span their 13-year existence. The only problem I encounter when I think about this is, what are fans going to do with five live albums? I mean I'm pretty picky when it comes to live albums, and even when I do find a band that kicks enough ass on stage to actually listen to their live albums, I won't want to listen to five of them. Some of these albums even include the same songs. Personally I think this may just be a bit of a cash grab on Isis' part, just trying to milk the now dead band for all it's worth, not that I can blame them, but as that is why as much as I love this band I will not be buying these albums.
Here are the release dates, track lists and venue information for each release:

Isis Live I 9.23.03
Release date: May 31, 2011
Recorded at The Fillmore (San Francisco)
Track list:
1. Carry
2. Weight
3. Hym
4. The Beginning and the End

Isis Live II 03.19.03
Release date: June 14, 2011
Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden
Track list:
1. From Sinking
2. Glisten
3. Carry
4. Weight
5. The Beginning and the End
6. Celestial (Ext./Alt. Version)

Isis Live III 12.17.04
Release date: June 28, 2011
Recorded at The Launchpad (Albuquerque)
Track list:
1. So Did We
2. Backlit
3. The Beginning and the End
4. In Fiction
5. Wills Dissolve
6. Grinning Mouths
7. Altered Course

Isis Live IV Selections 2001 – 2005
Release date: July 12, 2011
Recorded: Various dates (2001, 2002 and 2005) at WMBR (Boston), The Troubadour (Los Angeles), CBGB’s (New York), The Rotunda (Philadelphia) and The Middle East (Boston)
Track list:
1. Gentle Time
2. Glisten
3. CFT
4. Celestial
5. Improv 1 (Endless Nameless)
6. False Light
7. The Weight (Feat. Justin Chancellor and Troy Ziegler)

Isis Live V 07.23.06
Release date: July 26, 2011
Recorded at Koko’s (London)
Track list:
1. The Beginning and the End
2. The Other
3. False Light
4. Carry
5. -/Maritime
6. Weight
7. From Sinking
8. Hym

New Track Attack! Nociceptor - Mollusk

If you like Meshuggah, you will probably like Dallas, Texas's Nociceptor as well. These guys are a little less rhythmically complicated and a therefore a touch more accessible and easier to understand than Meshuggah, but I still dig it. They're almost identical in sound, but Nociceptor are more prone to incorporate melody and clean vocals in their music.
This new track is awesome though. It sounds like it could be a weaker cut from Meshuggah's Nothing album, but I've still been listening to it over and over since I downloaded it this morning. I may hate the word 'djent' but, fuck me, do I ever love listening to it.
Mollusk is off of Nociceptor's upcoming Among Insects EP, which is due out at the end of the month and will be released through all major retailers.
The EP was produced by Threat Signal guitarist Travis Montgomery, who also plays in the band. Montgomery had this to say about his new band:

"I joined Nociceptor a while after the band was started, but everything really came together with this EP and we all work together very well. We're trying to step it up a lot on this new stuff by adding elements like choirs, and orchestral parts to make things more dynamic. We're going to keep it in the djent (I hate that word….haha) vein, but try to make it more interesting and try to bring something new to the genre"

Finally, here's the track list for Among Insects:
1. Intro
2. The Fell
3. Emergence
4. Botfly
5. Mollusk
6. Pornoholocaust
7. Cuntagion
8. Angus McGillicuddy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: Morgue Supplier - Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica cover)

Yesterday I mentioned that I didn't think that the tracks that would be featured on Dying Fetus's upcoming cover album would really sound all that different from the originals. Here's an example of the kind of difference I was talking about. Morgue Supplier is a death-grind band from Chicago and this cover is from their 2009 album Constant Negative. These guys have the high-speed distorted fuzziness Rotten Sound and play with a Brutal Truth-like ferocity. Their brutal elements also remind me quite a lot of Sweden's Regurgitate. Anyways, you can imagine that the difference between the two renditions of Metallica's classic song, but I find it is that very difference that makes both versions so enjoyable to listen to. It really pisses me off when bands can't find a new way to present a song and release a near note-for-note version of the original.
This is how it's done, folks.

Countdown to Motherland

It's nearly fucking here! Arsonists Get All The Girls are about to turn up the heat with Motherland, and just in time for summer! It's one week away from its official release on May 17th, and already I've pretty much worn out the novelty of their two preview tracks - not that they weren't great songs (especially Avdotya, fuck ya!), I've just listened to them a lot.
Here's where things get awesome: from tomorrow (May 11th) to the 13th, AGATG will be streaming Motherland in its entirety on their Myspace page. And for all of you on Facebook about to pout, just you wait, because it will also be streaming on their official page from the 14th to the 16th ('LIKE' required).
Anyways, I'm gonna spend the rest of my day laying out newspaper and plastic sheets on my floor so that when I start streaming Motherland tomorrow, I don't piss all over the hardwood floor.

New Track Attack! Arch Enemy - Bloodstained Cross

Next up, Arch Enemy premiered their track 'Bloodstained Cross' from their album Khaos Legions, which is a pretty lame title if you ask me (I thought people stopped spelling chaos with a 'K' in the late 90's) however, if I were to let that taint my impression of this song, I'd be a fuckin' idiot. What a track. Angela's vocals sound great (not as weak and phlegmy as I've found them to be in past recordings) and the Amott brothers deliver melody with ease, and slay solos outright.
The album comes out June 7th in North America, but the lucky fuckers in Europe will have theirs May 30th, and now that I've heard this track, Khaos Legions is officially the first Arch Enemy album I'm excited for.
Check out Bloodstained Cross on Arch Enemy's Facebook page.

New Track Attack! Jasta premieres 'Mourn The Illusion'

A bunch of new premiere tracks coming your way! Let's get things rolling with Jamey Jasta's song 'Mourn The Illusion' from his project Jasta. Mourn The Illusion is being premiered exclusively on
Mourn the Illusion by Jamey Jasta @

Aliases announce debut album, start writing another.

Aliases are another one of those really talented British bands signed to UK-based Basick Records, a label that has made a name for itself in the last year or so due in part to the rise in popularity of djent. Aliases seem like a really talented band but the problem is I haven't heard much from them. They haven't put much music out other than a couple of sample riffs and a demo track called 'We Never Should Have Met' on their Facebook and Myspace pages.
However, the release of their debut album, Safer Than Reality, has just been announced, as has the fact that they are now writing material for their 2012 follow-up.
Safer Than Reality contains 8 tracks and I think we can expect lots of squeals, tapping, groovy drumming, and some fairly solid vocals. Here's the track list, in case any of these song titles click with any of you fans out there:

1. What's Left For Us?
2. The Reality Of Beliefs
3. We Never Should Have Met
4. Refraction
5. All That Glitters Is Gold
6. While I Drown
7. The Beginning Has No End
8. Sirens

I wish I had a better understanding of these guys and their music so I could get more excited about this CD, which should be plenty groovy and heavy if it lives up to the standard that We Never Should Have Met set, it should be worth a really attentive listen, or two. The album will be released on August 15.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Dying Fetus releasing cover album

Dying Fetus is releasing a cover album just before Summer Slaughter Tour kicks off on July 22nd. The EP, entitled History Repeats, drops July 19th and includes 6 cover tracks and one exclusive original song. The track list is as follows:

1. Fade Into Obscurity (Dehumanized cover)
2. Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death cover)
3. Gorehog (Broken Hope cover)
4. Rohypnol (Dying Fetus original)
5. Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower cover)
6. Twisted Truth (Pestilence cover)
7. Born In A Casket (Cannibal Corpse cover)

I'm on the fence as to whether I'm looking forward to this album or not. Dying Fetus are insanely heavy, and I love'em as a band, but usually when I listen to covers I like them to be covered in a genre or style. Honestly, I'm not sure the difference between hearing Napalm Death doing Napalm Death, and Dying Fetus doing Napalm Death, or Cannibal Corpse for that matter, will sound all that dramatically different. However, Dying Fetus covering Springsteen, or Sex Pistols, or Chantal Kreviazuk; now there's a cover album!

Revocation unleash 'Cradle Robber' on Facebook

If you haven't been looking forward to Revocation's new album, then there's probably some underlying medical condition to account for it and you should get it checked out pronto. 'Cradle Robber' is the first full song to be previewed from Chaos Of Forms, which comes out August 16th, and it is suh-weet. I swear, it's bands like Revocation that will make sure that not only thrash metal, but metal in general stays alive in the 21st century.
As far as I know, the song is only available on their Facebook and Myspace pages. If these guys haven't won you over yet, give 'Cradle Robber' a listen and just let the solo do the convincing.

Phoenix Amongst The Ashes full album stream on MetalSucks

Hate Eternal have premiered their newest album, Phoenix Amongst The Ashes, exclusively on Metal Sucks. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I'll probably be listening to it all day once I finally click 'Play'.
You too can stream all 10 tracks of Hate Eternal's newest piece of blazing-fast sonic chaos here.