Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mat Bruso Joins Twitter

As some of you may know... I have a serious man crush on Mat Bruso the frontman for Bury Your Dead. Bruso is now back with the band and joined twitter today for the first time. If you're interested in following twitter you can find him here.

Sexy Pig Squeal of the Day.... LOLZZZZZZ

Goes to Brittany the pig squealing sexy ass you tube phenomenon.

Video of The Day: The Gorgeous - "Great Minds"

Quite possibly one of the best most underrated bands ever... listening to this tune almost makes me sad... R.I.P. "The Gorgeous".

Breaking News: The Acacia Strain Writing For New Album

Metalcore masters "The Acacia Strain" have recently made a small post letting fans know that they are currently in the beginning stages of writing for a new LP. It's unaware if the new LP will feature guitarist DL Laskiewicz who gave up touring with the band to stay at home to take care of his new baby daughter. He was replaced by touring guitarists Tim Cavallari and Antonio Diaz in 2010 but played one hometown show with the band late last year. There is no planned release date yet or really any other news.... so I promise to keep my ears peeled on this one as more news develops.

"Because 8 is NOT enough..."

Agile guitars, some of the finest crafters of instruments with obscene numbers of strings have begun to mass produce a new line of bowel-loosening 9-string guitars. I've never played an Agile guitar but I've heard positive things about them, especially their 7 and 8 string models. They even make a line of multi scale instruments that look absolutely beautiful.
These 9 strings however are simpler. As far as I know they are the first company to mass produce guitars capable of playing in tunings this low – the proper intonation is F# – and feature bolt-on maple necks and long scales.
This model's is the Intrepid Dual 930 MN got an ash body, maple neck with a 30 inch scale, jumbo frets, Grover tuners, and Cepheus 9 passive pickups.
A couple users of Agile guitars are Kieth Merrow and Josh Travis of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Other than that I don't know of any other players who use them, but they're popular with players on Youtube, and they're incredibly affordable. But you can check out their complete line of 9 strings here:

Loomis and Williams call it quits with Nevermore

Nevermore on suffered a crippling blow to their lineup on April 21, when lead guitarist Jeff Loomis and drummer Van Williams announced they would be quitting the band shortly after they announced that they would be cancelling their North American tour with Symphony X. Here's their official statement:

"In a mutual decision, Jeff Loomis and Van Williams have decided to leave Nevermore. The time has come to pursue our own paths from the group. Due to internal struggles and ongoing issues within the band, we feel it is our time to move on. We would like to thank all of our fans around the world for their years of love, support and enthusiasm. This was not an easy decision but a very necessary one at this point, may we all meet again someday, somewhere in time."

This is pretty disappointing news but Nevermore has survived a ton of lineup changes in the past and has always been able to find somebody to fill in for missing members during live performances in the past. I doubt it'll slow them down for long.

Tweet of the day - Jordan Buckley of E.T.I.D.

 Jordan Buckley 

Looks like the guys are into my idea! the new ETID record will most likely be called "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hardcore Band". Hope u all enjoy!

Blind Witness Release New Track!

Canadian metalcore rockers, "Blind Witness", have released a brand spankin' new demo track from their upcoming sophomore release titled "Worthless Lie". Remember that this is a pre-production track and will be re-recorded for their new album. Check out the track in the player below.

Antoine Dodson Arrested For Pot Possession

It seems that everybody's favourite You Tube sensation, Antoine Dodson was arrested early this morning for possession of marijuana. Dude that is just really really really dumb. Should of hid that shit with your kids, wife, and husbands cause they arrestin' everyone out here.

"Legend" Spring Tour Vlog

"Legend" has currently been out on the road all spring touring and gearing up for the release of their sophomore effort "The Pale Horse" which is due out May 17th via Rise Records. Below is a video update from the road and also I've posted "Circle of Friends" the first single off of their upcoming release.

"Killing the Dream" Kill Their Dream

Californian hardcore act "Killing the Dream" have decided to call it quits after an eight year long run. The band will continue on with all current shows and disband after their final show in July. Over the band's career they released three albums all on Deathwish Inc. Vocalist Elijah Horner released the following statement:

"After eight years, Killing The Dream is gonna call it a day. We've seen three continents, 46 states, met a million amazing people and eaten about 3428234 pizzas- all because of this stupid band. I feel SO lucky to have been able to be a part of it.

"I can't post gratitude to everyone who deserves it here, but to ANYONE whose path we've crossed- THANK YOU. almost every memory I've made over the past decade has had something to do with KTD or hardcore...and you all are forever a part of that. It's not easy letting go of something you've loved so much, but it's something we have to do.

"Our last show is July 2nd at Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA with our friends The Carrier and All Teeth. We really hope you can make it."

The Human Abstract Launch Their Own App

Progressive metal act The Human Abstract have recently launched their very own App for the Google Android smartphone. This may be the start of a new trend among bands as the ability to create this apps because more and more accessible. The app is free and includes features such as: tour dates, online merch store, music, bio, and more. To learn more about the app you can visit the link here.

Tweet of the Day - Chad Ruhlig of Legend

 Chad Ruhlig 

Was watching Ghost Adventures but it started thunderstorming hard so I turned on cartoons.

New Video Alert! Otep - "Fists Fall"

From one of the most bad ass chicks in metal, "Fists Fall" by Otep.

Architects/Dead & Divine Canadian Tour

Architects (UK) will be headlining a Canadian tour this May with support from Dead & Divine, Fall City Fall, and Counterparts. Dates are listed below.

05/06/2011 - Sait - Calgary, Alberta
05/07/2011 - Avenue - Edmonton, Alberta
05/08/2011 - Sutherland Memorial Hall - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
05/09/2011 - West End Cultural Center - Winnipeg, Manitoba
05/10/2011 - Crocks - Thunder Bay, Ontario
05/11/2011 - Jubilee Hall - Sudbury, Ontario
05/12/2011 - Mavericks - Ottawa, Ontario
05/13/2011 - Underworld - Montreal, Quebec
05/14/2011 - Mod Club - Toronto, Ontario
05/15/2011 - Rum Runners - London, Ontario

Your Demise - Video/Single Update

Currently destroying audiences all over the US alongside Terror and Stick To Your Guns after a string of very successful Asian, Australian and South Pacific shows (including Thailand, Japan and Indonesia), Your Demise release the single and video for 'The Kids We Used To Be...' on May 11th.

'The Kids We Used To Be...' is the title track to the band's critically acclaimed recent album (9/10 Rock Sound, KKKK Kerrang, 9/10 Metal Hammer) and is Your Demise?s homage to the good old days of long summers, bruised bones, best friends and hazy regrets.

Guitarist Stu states "We decided to do a video for 'The Kids We Used To Be...' as it has a fun vibe to it and a massive chorus. The video is pretty true to life - an insight into how we are and how we operate as a band and we had a great time making it!"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cannabis Corpse announce release date for new LP

Happy 4/20 everyone, and if you're a non-smoker, just have a good day! But I have some very appropriate news today: Richmond, Virginia stoners Cannabis Corpse have announced a release date for their recently completed full-length entitled, Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shall Rise.
The album comes out on July 12 through TANKCRIMES and was mixed by the legendary Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal, and formerly of Morbid Angel at Mana Studios and mastered by Alan Douches at West Side Music. It was recorded by the guitarist and bassist Phil “Landphil” Hall.
Cannabis Corpse has decided to take some of their song titles from other forefathers death metal like Morbid Angel and Deicide, for example “Lunatic of Pot's Creation” and “Immortal Pipes”.
I think this album will be another example of some amazing classic sounding death metal. Cannabis Corpse have always had a brutal old school tone to their music so I can imagine that tone will be captured or possibly even improved by Rutan, who probably understands how to mix death metal better than anyone else (listen to Evisceration Plague, Carving Out The Eyes Of God, or Those Whom The Gods Detest if you need proof).
This should be a worthwhile listen considering I've never been disappointed with anything they've put out and it's been two years since their last release, The Weeding EP.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Browning Post Album Teasers

The Browning have released a few album teasers for their upcoming release out on Earache Records. There is no set release date but it is expected to be out this summer. Check out the teaser in the embedded player below.

Epic Sepultura performance to be released on DVD

A few days ago (April 16) metal legends Sepultura performed live in Brazil with Orquestra Experimental de Repertorio in one epic show. Not only was Sepultura always supposed to have an orchestra like this behind them, their groove-oriented riffs could whip fans into twice the frenzy with an assortment of blaring horns behind them. When orchestras were created all those centuries ago, they had Sepultura in mind.
The concert took place at the Virada Cultural festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil and featured songs never before played by the band. The whole performance was filmed for a CD/DVD release that will be ready later this year. They have released several 'teaser' clips from the show and I urge you to check 'em out. Heavy shit.

Warped Tour 2011: More Metal Than Ever

It seems every year since around 2006, Warped Tour has started to cater less and less to `punk` bands and more and more to the growing underground metal scene. This years Warped Tour `11 contains more metal and hardcore bands than any previous Warped Tour. It`s really no surprise as many of these bands have broken more into the mainstream over the past year. Check out Warped`s metal line-up below.

- A Day To Remember
- Abandon All Ships (Canadian)
- Asking Alexandria
- Attack Attack!
- August Burns Red
- Dance Gavin Dance
- Enter Shikari
- Miss May, I
- Motionless In White
- Of Mice & Men
- Rapid Decline
- The Acacia Strain (awesome... but really....)
- The Devil Wears Prada
- The Word Alive
- We Came As Romans
- Winds of Plague
- Woe, Is Me

You can check out the full line-up of bands here. Warped Tour 2011 begins June 24th.

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Alcohol (Gang Green cover)

Hey everyone, its been a busy week for me which is why you haven't heard too much from me lately. I'm about to wrap up my placement at the EMC and today was my last day of classes so soon I will be unemployed and have all the time in the world to bring you all the latest and greatest in metal and hardcore!
But today's daily grind is another Agoraphobic Nosebleed song, but this time its a cover of Boston skatecore act Gang Green's song Alcohol. I know little to nothing about Gang Green other than that they loved drugs, but this song is a pretty prime example of what they sound like. It's also quite possibly got one of the coolest beer funneling stunts ever. As a potential role model, I want to go on record as saying I think everyone should try this at least once in their life. Good luck explaining that one to the cop who pulls you over though...

Hardcore Tweet of the Day: Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain

 vincent bennett 

If you cant say what you need to in 140, then get your goldbricking ass off twitter.

Fan Seriously Injured In Buffalo

Buffalo hardcore fan Mike Bird was seriously injured at a recent Terror show. A regular to the hardcore scene, Bird attended the show and broke his back in two places after another fan stage dived onto him.

Stage dives are a common occurrence at hardcore and metal shows and don`t usually end in disaster. However, Bird fell backwards and hit his back and head first on the concrete floor. This resulted in two of his vertebrae being broken. He was immediately rushed to hospital where he underwent immediate spinal surgery.

Currently Bird still cannot feel anything in the lower half of his body and has been slapped with what is rumoured to be a six figure hospital bill. Several hardcore shows and events are being planned in the Buffalo area to help pay for Bird`s medical bill. A call is also being made by the Buffalo scene for other areas to hold benefit shows and events. Terror and fellow bill-mates Trapped Under Ice are apparently doing a special merch run to help out Bird. Ironically if this had happened at any of the 4 following Canadian dates... all medical expenses would have been completely free.

If you want to help out Mike Bird there is more information posted here.

New Video Alert! Heartburn - Architects

666 Number of the Blog Releases Free Compilation

Fellow bloggers 666: Number of the Blog have released a full length compilation of upcoming metal acts on their site. The best thing about it is that it's free and features some awesome bands.

1 – Cormorant – ‘Scavengers Feast’
2 – Returning We Hear The Larks – ‘Uprising’
3 – Enditol – ‘Monoculture’
4 – Tre Watson – ‘Spack Jarrow’ (previously unreleased)
5 – Iron Thrones – ‘Against The Grain’
6 – Robots Pulling Levers – ‘Sumati II’ (previously unreleased) (featuring George Richman)
7 – A Walk With The Wicked – ‘Architects Of Sadism’
8 – Cloudkicker – ‘We’re Goin’ In. We’re Going Down.’
9 – Shades Of Devastation – ‘Art Of Agony’ (previously unreleased)
10 – Amogh Symphony – ‘Osiris 1′
11 – Giant Of The Mountain – ‘Awakening’ (previously unreleased)
12 – Keith Merrow – ‘Heart Of The Sea Nymph’ (featuring Jeff Loomis of Nevermore)
13 – Shaidar Logoth – ‘Mashiara Shai’tan’
14 – I’ll Eat Your Face – ‘Dr. Pancake’s Luxurious Ratskin Housecoat’
15 – Soul Cycle – ‘Rising Defiant’
16 – Cut Your Teeth – ‘T.W.H.W.Y.T.B.’
17 – Assimilated Mind Phase – ‘Breeding Insanity 2.0′ (previously unreleased remix)
18 – Brent A. Petrie – ‘Collapse/Conquer’ (previously unreleased)

Get the free download here.

Meerhout Festival in Belgium This Weekend!

Meerhout, Belgium is the host of an awesome hardcore/metal festival beginning this weekend. The festival is called "20 Years of Groezrock" and it begins on the 23rd of April and finishes off on the eve of the 24th. Saturday's line-up includes: The Ghost Inside, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, Streetlight Manifesto, Comeback Kid, Goldfinger, Madball, Thursday, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Descendants, NOFX. Sunday looks just as good with: Impending Doom, The Acacia Strain, We Came As Romans, Cancer Bats, Shai Hulud, Whitechapel, Thursday (again), Every Time I Die, August Burns Red, Underoath, Hatebreed, Dropkick Murphys.

You can check out the full line-up here.

New Releases For The Week of April 19th

4/19/2011 - Batillus - Furnace
4/19/2011 - Cruachan - Blood on the Black Robe
4/19/2011 - Former Thieves - The Language That We Speak
4/19/2011 - Foundation - When The Smoke Clears
4/19/2011 - Lower Than Atlantis - World Record
4/19/2011 - No Turning Back - Take Control
4/19/2011 - Norther - Circle Regenerated
4/19/2011 - Periphery - Icarus Lives EP
4/19/2011 - Septicflesh - The Great Mass
4/19/2011 - Sylosis -  Edge Of The Earth
4/19/2011 - The Plot In You - First Born
4/19/2011 - Winds Of Plague - Against The World

Video of The Day: XII.XXI.XII - To Cherish

From Aurora, Ontario. R.I.P.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Daily Grind – Song of the Day: Trivium – Suffocating Sight

I have a bit of a Spring cleaning tradition where I throw on nothing but tunes I haven't listened to in years. I was planning to clean up my closet-sized room tonight and rock out to some songs from my high school years so I was sitting on my bed/couch putting together a play list and Trivium was the first band that I thought of. Not because I like them or that I even went through a phase of liking them at any point but because of their CD Ascendancy. It was a really tight album that I found they haven't delivered an album that tops it yet. I even tried to learn a couple of songs from the album on guitar, Suffocating Sight being one of them.
Anyway, this song really brings me back to grade 10. Good times.

Sneak Peek: Trivium studio footage

Floridian thrash metal band Trivium have posted some studio footage of singer Matt Heafy recording vocals. The 30 second clip is probably enough to tickle the dicks of diehard fans but it's not doing too much for me.
I am curious to hear this new album though. I've never been a fan of Trivium and I don't know why. I liked what they managed to pull off on Ascendancy but since then they've made some drastic changes to their sound. According to Heafy in an interview with Sergio Pereira the album "just sounds like 'Trivium,'" but its still hard to gauge considering the way they change their sound like they change like they change their underwear.

Zakk Wylde set to appear on Lopez Tonight

Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society guitarist, Zakk Wylde, is going to be appearing on Lopez Tonight with George Lopez April 20, just over a week after he performed alongside American Idol contestant, James Durbin, on live television. I hear next week we'll be able to catch him on The View and Ellen Degeneres.

Zombie wraps up Woolite commercial

You'll never guess who just finished directing a new Woolite commercial in Vancouver: None other than the king of shock rock, Rob Zombie. The commercial is called 'The Torturer' and Zombie has recently released the following about the project:

“Well, I just wrapped a very odd directing gig in sunny Vancouver. A very scary TV commercial for Woolite called 'The Torturer'. Yes, I said Woolite. This ain't yo Mamma's Woolite. Halloween 2's D.P. Brandon Trost and House Of 1000 Corpses producer Danielle Lovett were part of the fun.”

I don't know what to expect from this commercial, but I am looking forward to it. I'm willing to bet that this is about to become a popular brand of detergent for getting the gore and bloodstains out of the coveralls of sadistic maniacs.

New Video Alert: Agnostic Front - A Mi Manera

Click Here To Watch The Video

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Poison the Well HQ Full Set

Sticking with a bit of a Poison the Well theme today, I've found a HQ full performance from 2009. Enjoy.

Poison The Well from Art on Vimeo.

Chelsea Grin Release New Track

Salt Lake City deathcore rockers "Chelsea Grin" have released a brand new track today from their upcoming album My Damnation. The title of the track is the same as the album that's due out late spring/summer 2011. Actually sounds a bit different than their previous release which I semi-enjoyed. I must say this sounds more promising because it's actually faster, heavier and stands out more. The track is in the embedded player below.

Video of The Day: Poison the Well - Exist Underground