Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: Keep Of Kalessin - Ascendant

I have a hangover to thank for getting around to this so late today but I also have it to thank for my general lack of motivation to do anything but watch metal videos this afternoon. It finally afforded me a chance to check out these guys, Keep Of Kalessin, who I'll be catching in Ottawa with one of my favorite black metal bands, Belphegor.
But when I first saw these guys listed as blackened folk metal I thought they would be about 50,000 pounds of 'suck' but it turns out they've got a really wicked sound. Their vocalist is probably one of the better black metal singers I've ever heard, and the guitar are notably un-sloppy. Plus the quality of this music video is really good.

Wayback Playback --> Remember Never - Con Artist

My favourite song about God. Enjoy this tune from a great band that I hope gets back together soon.

For The Fallen Dreams Release New Track

Michigan based metalcore rockers For The Fallen Dreams have finally released a track off their upcoming third full length Back Burner. Sounds a lot like the stuff off of Relentless but maybe not quite as polished. I'm actually really excited for this release because FTFD seem to be one of the few metalcore bands I can still tolerate these days. It will be their first release without drummer Andrew Tkaczyk who recently left the band and joined fellow metalcore act The Ghost Inside. Tkaczyk also played all of the drums, bass, and guitar on their last two albums. Check out the new track "My Anthem Like Symphony" in the player below.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Video Alert: 3 Inches Of Blood - 12:34

Vancouver B.C. heavy metal band, 3 Inches Of Blood, released a new video for their song '12:34' and having never heard much from these guys other than 'Deadly Sinners', I was a little surprised by what I found. The video is 3 minutes and 24 seconds of black and white tour and live footage atop the mild acoustic medley that is '12:34'. It's a nice song. Check it out.

Hatebreed front man previews new project

Jamey Jasta (who many refer to fondly as the busiest man in metal as the front man for Hatebreed and Kingdom Of Sorrow, owner of Stillborn Records and clothing line, Hatewear, and former host of MTV's Headbanger's Ball) has a solo project coming out July 26th called Jasta. It is a collections of songs he's written that he has been tinkering with and readying for release over a three year period.

The album is being previewed in a video released by Jasta. The songs featured in the video are “Anthem of the Freedom Fighter,” “Mourn the Illusion,” “Walk That Path Alone,” “Something You Should Know” ft. Phil Labonte, and “Heart of a Warrior” ft. Mike Vallely (don't ask me what the Hell that's all about).

I must admit, I'm more impressed by Jasta's spoof of the MLB logo than I am with the songs previewed in the video but I'll wait until the full album's here before I jump to any conclusions.

Korn Release Dub Step Track ft. Skrillex

Seems like a lot of bands these days are buying into the dub-step phenomenon. The latest one to do so is longtime nu-metal act Korn. The song is called "Get Up" and features DJ Skrillex. The song is slightly addictive but if you ask me it sounds more like a Skrillex track featuring John Davies from Korn. Check out the track below.

Have a Happy Death Metal Friday

Matt Snell's future with Five Finger Death Punch pending

What the fuck is going on this week? Bands be splittin' like they were stale relationships and kickin' members out like they were deadbeat husbands who just spent the last rent check on beer and pay-per-view porn.

Well there may be one more casualty to add to the list of dearly departed ex-band members looming as fans wait for news regarding Five Finger Death Punch bassist Matt Snell's tentative membership with the group.

Rumours have been persisting all week, but guitarist Jason Hook recently said in a radio interview on Power 97's Power Drive in Winnipeg that there are indeed some issues that need to be handled internally for the band. You can hear what he had to say about Snell here.

Bon Jovi on Billboard top ten...Metal/Hard rock albums?!?!

According to, Bon Jovi's Greatest Hits, is currently sitting at number four on their list of This Week's Top 100 Metal Albums. Whatever clerical error resulted in this may have been purposely planned to distract from the rest of the garbage keeping Jovi's Hits company in the top ten.

1. American Tragedy – Hollywood Undead
2. Reckless & Relentless – Asking Alexandria
3. Endgame – Rise Against
4. Greatest Hits – Bon Jovi
5. Greatest Hits – Foo Fighters
6. Surtur Rising – Amon Amarth*
7. A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park
8. Extended Versions – Bad Company
9. Forevermore – Whitesnake
10. War Is The Answer – Five Finger Death Punch*

*These albums I approve of and are actually heavy. They deserve their spots on the charts because regardless of album quality, they blow all eight of these other turds out of the toilet water.

UneXpecT reveal track list and art for 2011 album

Montréal black metal act UneXpecT have a new album on the way called 'Fables of the Sleepless Empire'. They're recording in Montréal at Badass Studio with Jean-Francois Fortin. The band released the album's title, track list, and artwork a day or two ago. These guys have a pretty hard sound to characterize, but they are still amazing musicians. The band has yet to set a date for the album, which they are releasing independently, but it's definitely going to be an album to look out for this year.

Tracklist for Fables of the Sleepless Empire:

1. Unsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest
2. Words
3. Orange Vigilantes
4. Mechanical Phoenix
5. The Quantum Symphony
6. Unfed Pendulum
7. In the Mind of the Last Whale
8. Silence this Parasite
9. A Fading Stance
10. When the Joyful Dead are Dancing
11. Until yet a few more Deaths do us Part

Beheading of a King "Matt" Tribute Shirt Now Available

Earlier this year Canadian metalcore act Beheading of a King lost their singer to what is rumoured to be suicide. If you want to support the band and their 'cause' you can purchase one of the two limited edition shirts here. Since that incident the vocal position has been filled in by fellow Canadian Rick Patenaude. Beheading of a King will be touring this spring/summer with Execute the Sinner & God Falls.

Thank Grind It's Friday (The Daily Grind) – Song of the Day: Cannibal Corpse – They Deserve To Die

Today my iPod did something that has never happened to me. It threw three Cannibal Corpse songs at me in a row on shuffle, something that never happens, so naturally I took as a sign that I should pick one of their violent, musical orgies as The Daily Grind.
But it also got me thinking...
George Fisher is to death metal what Bob Dylan is to classic rock. That might seem like an absurd statement but it makes some sense. Neither of them are blessed with a prime voices, but they're both iconic to their genre for their own reasons.
George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher is one of the best front men in death metal. He perfectly represents the unwashed, long-haired, mosh-junky masses in camo pants and black t-shirt's. He's been musically active for almost a quarter of a century and in that time and over that time his voice hasn't diminished one bit, his neck has continued to grow from decades of windmill headbanging (seriously, the dude is ALL neck), and he's one seriously imposing-looking man with a stage presence as big as God, even though he stands in pretty much the same place the whole time he's on stage.
Anyway, the live video of this version from Wacken Open Air is just to show all of you who aren't familiar with Fisher's incredible headbanging ability (check out 1:28 in the video) how you too can have a neck thicker than Sylvester Stallone's chest. However if you really want to be impressed, check out the album version of this song as heard on 2004's The Wretched Spawn. The end of the song features an 18 second long scream that Fisher belted out in studio, without the help of any editing or engineering.
Cannibal Corpse are just one more band that I'm not going to get to see 2011, but the good news is they have a water-tight excuse for not touring this year: They are writing a new album and plan to record it in September. God, 2011 is going to be an extraordinary year in metal.

News Flash --> Bury Your Dead 1st Performance w/ Matt Bruso

New England Metal & Hardcore Fest has quite the line up this year (Hatebreed, Attack Attack, Dr. Acula, Terror, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Oceano, Your Demise) just to name a few. But tonight at 9:50pm Bury Your Dead will be taking the stage for the first time with front man Matt Bruso since his former departure in  January 2007. I really wish I was there I can just imagine the crowd... Bruso Bruso Bruso.... I hope I can get my hands on some footage from this festival and post it in the next few days!

Easily Video of the Day --> Avenged Sevenfold Cover

New Video Alert! Recreate - Born of Osiris

Came out a couple weeks ago, but just in case you hadn't checked it out yet. Great live vid. Make sure to at least beef the quality up to 720 if you can handle it.

Deception of a Ghost release cover of "Firework" by Katy Perry

Deception of a Ghost who hail from Hickory, North Carolina, have released a cover of Katy Perry's song "Firework". These guys recently put out their first release "Speak Up, You're Not Alone" which I'm quite fond of. You can check out the band's facebook here and the cover is in the embedded player below.

Chimaira Score Two New Members

As we reported on earlier, metal act Chimaira has lost their keyboardist and drummer over the past few months. Joing the group on keyboards is Sean Zatorsky of Daath and Austin D'Amond from Bleed the Sky on drums. The band has also stated that producer Ben Schigel has handle drum duties for the upcoming album.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video of The Day: Bury Your Dead - The Color Of Money

Let's get it going.... Bruso Bruso Bruso...

Dr. Acula Behind The Scenes Video Shoot

Long Island based metal act Dr. Acula has recently uploaded a behind the scenes video for their track Who You Gonna Call? Check out the behind the scenes and the video at the link below.

Bonded By Blood fill holes in lineup in time for North American tour

California thrash outfit, Bonded By Blood, have changed their lineup once again thanks to the loss of guitarist Alex Lee and bassist Jerry Garcia. Stepping in for the departing members just in time for their upcoming North American tour with Sepultura are Brandon Gulling (Malus Rex, Avenger of Blood) and Ben Bennet (Smog, Warbringer).

I've been looking forward to this tour for a while now, and although I'm catching the Ottawa show (that means no Sepultura *tears up*) I'm stoked to see Hate, Neuraxis, Keep of Kalessin, and Belphegor, but I'm also looking forward to seeing Bonded By Blood and I just hope that the sudden change in lineup doesn't negatively affect any aspect of their performance. They seem like fun-loving, energetic dudes, so call me hopeful, but I'm looking forward to an equally fun and energetic performance.

But here are the Canadian dates for the upcoming North American tour:

4/18 Toronto, ON @ Opera House w/Sepultura, Belphegor
4/19 Quebec City, QU @ Imperial de Quebec w/Sepultura, Belphegor
4/20 Montreal, QU @ Club Soda w/Belphegor, Sepultura
4/21 Ottawa, ON @ Maverick's w/Belphegor, Hate, Neuraxis, Keep of Kalessin

Napalm Death Release "Legacy Was Yesterday"

I don't know how many of you spent your late elementary school years binging on Napalm Death albums, but I know I did. They were the first truly heavy band I'd ever listened to, and by that I mean they were faster, angrier and heavier than 'classic metal' bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Judas Priest, etc.

The first I'd ever heard of them was when their album The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code came out in 2005 and it blew the shit out of my mind. Since then I've slowly amassed almost all of their full-lengths and I've gotta say that in their current incarnation, which has been stable for the last decade or so (with the exception of guitarist Jesse Pintado's departure in 2004), is the strongest it has ever been.

But the granddaddy's of grind have released some new ear candy on ReverbNation called 'Legacy Was Yesterday'. The song was exclusively released for Decibel magazine's May instalment of their Flexi Series, so it has nothing to do with the album they have in store for us later this year, but I'm hoping that it may be a bit of a preview of what it'll sound like. It's blasting, razor sharp, and vocally harsh. What's not to love? You can check it out here.

New Video Alert: All That Remains - The Last Time

Springfield, Massachusetts metalcore borefest, All That Remains, released a new video for their song The Last Time. The video is loaded with cheesy religious imagery, utterly hookless riffs, and I think singer Phil Labonte lets loose all of one scream in the duration of the song.
In my opinion, the only CD worth listening to by this band is The Fall Of Ideals, and that endorsement is based solely on the level of sheer heaviness of their song The Weak Willed. It's too bad that they haven't written a song that heavy since 2006 because I listen to The Weak Willed and think, 'Fuck yeah, I can listen to this band,' but the sad fact of the matter is, everything since Ideals has sounded like this:

New Liferuiner Song Surfaces from Upcoming E.P.

Toronto straight edgers Liferuiner have recently released a new song off of their upcoming E.P. "Sons of Straight Edge" due out sometime in mid 2011. The song is titled "Kids Wanna Rock" and the quality is terrible compared to the bands past two releases. I'm hoping that this is just a demo or a pre-mastered track done on an 8 track tape recorder or Yak Back. It's much heavier than their other post "Taking Back The Night Life" track which I can't even find anymore. Check out the song in the embedded player below.

Chimaira Loose Another Member

Last week it was announced that Chimaira's keyboardist Chris Spicuzza had left the band. Now this week more bad news for the band. It seems that long time drummer Andols Herrick has also parted ways with the American metal act as far back as December. He plans to continue on in music with other interests such as instruction DVDs and drum lessons. Here's a statement from Herrick below.  

"Since Chris released his statement recently, I suppose it's time that I do so as well since I have been dodging questions and comments for almost as long. I am no longer a member of Chimaira, and actually haven't been since before Christmas. I did play at Chimaira Christmas 11, which was my last show. I certainly couldn't have asked for a better and more memorable way to go out.

"I cannot stress enough how significantly different the circumstances are now than back in 2004. The short story is that the guys had taken issue with certain aspects of my role in the band. Nothing discussed was out of anger or anything personal, but I was definitely not expecting it and it was quite the spirit crusher for me. The decision was made that it would be in the band's best interest to move forward without me. I was obviously devastated, but again there was no ill will between us. Later I was asked to rejoin, but after some painful contemplation in my mind, I decided it was best not to. I started to see everything that happened as something that was ultimately positive. 

"I share some of the same concerns that Chris mentioned in his statement, namely the current state of the music industry and concerns about my future. A major transition in life is much more manageable at 31 than it is in your late 30s or early 40s, so as a guy with literally zero experience in anything else, better now than later. Plus, it would be hard to go back without feeling constantly uneasy about the situation.

"So where does that leave me musically? Well, I damn sure am not done as a drummer! I will be releasing an instructional book/DVD through Hal Leonard later this year. I teach private drum lessons in New Jersey. I'm also really trying to get busy with session recording work, so if you're a guitarist or a band that needs drum tracks, I can be contacted at

"I've had a couple opportunities to track drums for two great bands, and I hope to be a part of a lot more. Although I did not record the new [Chimaira] album, I was around for the majority of the writing process, and I know you guys are going to love it. Despite the recent dramatic lineup changes, I'm quite confident the band will press on just fine. I will always love my brothers, both current and former, in Chimaira!"

Wayback Playback --> Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff

Winds of Plague got me all thinking about bad bands and shitty lyrics. So obviously some Limp Bizkit was required.

New Winds of Plague Song Brings the LOLZ

So I got the new Winds of Plague album "Against the World" this week and I can say I'm less than pleased with this one. I loved "Decimate the Weak" but the "The Great Stone War" not so much. These guys seem to get more and more mainstream with each release and they've hit the mark on this one. The track "California" off of "Against The World" sounds eerily similar to "Reload" from "Decimate the Weak" and contains some of the worst vocals I've ever heard.... "Put your hands up, reach for the sky, do what I say, or let the bullets fly....." Just amazing. It really sounds like some nu-metal bullshit from 1999. I miss the old days when their ex-keyboardist was busy flashing her boobies all over the internet. Check it out below.

Album Review: The State Of East London "Repugnance"

The State of East London are a relatively new band formed in 2008. The most confusing thing about this band is they're not from England but the Australian Outback. My Australian geography is a little rusty but I'm assuming they're named after some area or suburb of Melbourne, their hometown. The State of East London's latest full length release "Repugnance" is available from Skull & Bones Records.

This release falls straight into the tech metal/deathcore genre perfectly. I get the feeling from this album that the band isn't really striving so much to be different as they are the best of the best. Musical elements take strong influences from bands like The Acacia Strain, Chelsea Grin, or Impending Doom. The guitars are heavy and the drums are punishing. Songs like "Malignant Ideology" and "Silent Stranglehold" are total head bangers with big breakdowns and super fast riffing. Like I said, it's not a very unique album but it is great release within the genre. All the elements of this band come together to form an excellent writing chemistry. The guttural growls of vocalist J. Davies have quite a wide range and I would describe his lyrics as "better" than the average deathcore band. Disappointingly this release like most deathcore releases features a breakdown song at the beginning and end of the album. So many bands do this these days that to me they've lost all meaning. Most of these tracks are just down right boring and do a lousy job at getting me "amped up" about the rest of the tunes. Try using a different hook to draw your audience in at the beginning of a record and leave them with a good taste in their mouth at the end.  This album doesn't have any "classic" quality but it's a good new release if you're looking for something to bang your head to. I recommend you check out "Repugnance" unless you have any intense disgust for heavy music. 6 out of 10 stagedives.

New Video Alert! The Dillinger Escape Plan - Gold Teeth On A Bum

Check out the DEP's second single off of "Option Paralysis". The song is awesomely titled "Gold Teeth On A Bum" and is one my personal favourites off of the album. It's an authentic live video complete with all the live tracking. Enjoy.

The Daily Grind – Song Of The Day: Converge – No Heroes

I was never really all that into Converge. I have always been highly aware of them seeing as a lot of people I knew growing up were card-carrying fans (and because Jacob Bannon is as close as you can get to being a star in metal and hardcore) but I just couldn't get into them, that is until No Heroes came out in 2006. In those 41 minutes of fuzzy distortion, nearly indiscernible vocals, thunderous drumming, rattly bass, feedback and “leftover Slayer riffs” is one really steadily heavy album from one of the coolest metalcore bands around.

The title track on this album was the first song I ever heard on it, so I guess it wouldn't be too big a leap to say that No Heroes was the song that got me into Converge in the first place. It's a really unrelenting and fast song and it happens to have a pretty badass video too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Video Alert! The Ghost Inside - Chrono ft. Matt Bruso

Check out the new video for The Ghost Inside's second single off of Returners. The song is called Chrono and features Bury Your Dead frontman Matt Bruso. Funny tie in with the video is that while Bruso was not in BYD he worked as a high school teacher until he returned to the band in early 2011.

Speaking of Carnage...

Check out what happens when a fight breaks out at a Cephalic Carnage concert, LOL

Wayback Playback --> Immortal - Call Of The Wintermoon

Probably the worst/best metal video ever made. From Immortal's 1992 album "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" the track is Call of the Wintermoon. Black metal at it's best. Yup... it's a bunch of 30 year old Norwegian dudes dressed up  in make up and costumes. From what I can tell they're doing their best to recreate the final scene in the Fellowship of the Ring. To top it off, the whole thing is shot on VHS.

Buzzkill of the Week - Helmet Hair on the Billboard 200

Asking Alexandria's new album "Reckless & Relentless" peaked this week at the number 9 spot on the Billboard Top 200. It sold somewhere around 31, 500 copies. This comes only weeks after their singer was so drunk at a show in Seattle that he couldn't perform and provoked several fights by egging the crowd on with the mic. It sucks that a band full of douche bags like this is one is one of the few "metalcore" bands that can break into the mainstream. That or because they're British.

Metal & Hardcore Blogspot's First Week

Howdy Folks. So this little thing here was something I started a mere 5 days ago and since then has had over 450 hits in 8 different countries. So you could say I'm rather quite pleased with that. I wanted to start a blog to get a lot of my own views out but something that also specialized in Canadian bands and tour dates. Also, I have now have a fellow contributor, Dan Hurtubise from Magnetawan, Ontario. Dan attends Algonquin College in Ottawa and writes for EMC News, a local paper. I am super pleased to have Dan doing this with me. Dan's contributions include The Daily Grind as well as many lengthy and detailed interviews. Dan also owns an 8 string guitar and can play pretty much every Meshuggah song... and for that I'm jealous.

Also one more exciting bit of news. I've recently secured our first exclusive interview British metal act Eyes Of A Traitor! These guys have been one of my favourites over the last couple years and I highly recommend them! I did a piece a few days ago on them being a band to watch for in 2011.. Dan also has a few things up his sleeve. There might be a little something with a band called... mm... Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza... but shhhhh.

Thank you to everyone who has looked at this page in the last week! Keep on coming back because it's sure to get better and better in the coming weeks. If anyone became a follower that would make my day... it takes about 2 seconds if you have a gmail account. Be good,

- Austin M.

The Daily Grind – Song Of The Day: Cephalic Carnage – The Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth (live, ft. Ben Falgoust)

The recording of this song is so fucking good it makes my head spin. This band is so fun to watch live that doing so might one day be illegal. This song is an oldie from their second full-length, Exploiting Dysfunction, and the video is from the Relapse Contamination Festival DVD, but the best part about it is that it features Ben Falgoust (of Soilent Green and Goatwhore fame) as a guest vocalist, cramming one more body onto a stage of musicians who don't like their bodies or instruments to be still for any extended period of time.

I think the reason this song made the cut today (because I thought I had my mind made up on a different song before I found this) was because of Falgoust. I've seen Goatwhore once before and the dude just has such an awesome (and spiky) stage presence. He's got a powerful set of pipes on him too. He was also recovering from a van accident at the time, as you can see him walking around on stage with the assistance of a cane.

Like I said though, Cephalic Carnage are a fun band. They don't take themselves too seriously, they're infamous for their love of weed and they don't disappoint live. Enjoy.

For fans of: Burnt By The Sun, Leng Tch'e, Soilent Green

Sumerian Records Co-founder Takes Aim At Internet Pirates

Perhaps by now, you've caught wind of the verbal sparring match that Sumerian Records co-founder Ash Avildsen has sunk himself into with writer for The Gauntlet, Jason Fisher.

Avildsen posted a video on March 22 calling out internet pirates everywhere, and although I was inclined to agree with a lot of what he said, there was a brutal rebuttal from Fisher on April 11 where he took an opportunity to crouch down and hit Avildsen where it hurts. Fisher's response was simple: Avildsen, who fronted two release groups in high school responsible for pirating and spreading video games and computer software before they were available on store shelves, is a blatant hypocrite. It was a low-blow, but Avildsen fired back a response on MetalSucks which was posted earlier today, which you can check out here.

But I digress...

Despite the strength of points made, the video had some obvious minor issues. The first being that the video was one ginormous ad for Born Of Osiris' new album, which really had nothing to do with piracy or the numbers, facts, and random quotes he was presenting. Secondly, viewers had to strain to hear what was being mumbled to them over the queer techno beat Avildsen played over top of the three-and-a-half minute clip. Next time, he should save the promotion for a video of its own, and cut the soundtrack. Not only was the music bad and distracting, it made it hard to hear whatever points he made that were worth listening to.

That said, there were some great insights too, like how advertising on torrent sites never support what you're about to steal, that the notion that bands aren't hurt by the effects of music piracy is totally fuckin' ludicrous, and that album sales are important to ensuring that the music industry survives.

But music isn't the only industry struggling, pal. As a student journalist, I'm broke as fuck. Currently I work for free as an intern in hopes that one day I might finally get hired on to work for a newspaper or magazine. Do you honestly think that I can afford to go out and buy every new album that comes out, or that every album that comes out deserves to be bought? I download just about everything before I buy it. In the past, I didn't have that luxury and I ended up with records that I listened to once or twice before letting it collect dust. Besides, if I download an album and I like it, I'll buy it. If not, chances are I'll buy one or two of the bands t-shirts. Oh yeah, merchandising: Another kind of income bands have that Avildsen fails to mention in his video.

It would be nice to live in a world where everyone bought every CD they listened to. It would be a happier, sunnier world for musicians if there was a way to police the internet and keep these 'pirates' from abusing it's capabilities. And it would likely save a lot of relationships if these bands didn't have to spend every waking moment on the road to make ends meet. Problem is, you're talking about an industry where bands in this genre aren't expected to sell a million copies in their lifetimes. No, you're talking about an industry where you're lucky to sell 10,000 copies of an album at all. These bands make the majority of their money from merch sales, touring and, sure, whatever they can off record sales in the high-speed era. They always have and as long as there are companies to manage these acts and booking agencies to get them shows and they keep producing tunes that make you want to headbang 'til you hit the floor, labels shouldn't have any crippling cash flow concerns.

This debate has been going on for years, and even though they may be scraping the bottom of their respective barrels in comparison to others, metal labels aren't exactly folding left, right and centre. In fact I keep hearing of new indie labels emerging. So I find it a little silly that these two are getting to mudslinging over this, but as you can see from Avildsen's response today, they seem to still be 'buddy-buddy' with each other.

But in case you haven't seen it, here's Avildsen's video:

The Human Abstract Quickly Release 2nd Video - Patterns

It was only a bit more than a month ago that the Human Abstract released the video for their first single Digital Veil. But like any band on a major label more videos quickly follow. Check out the video for the second single off Digital Veil "Patterns".

Metal & Hardcore Vid of the Day: Your Demise - Blood Stays On The Blade

This is an older Your Demise track from their first album, 2006`s `You Only Make Us Stronger`. It also features their original vocalist George Noble. Love this video, especially when they bring the tractor tire in. Stagedives x1000.

Shai Hulud & Endwell Canadian Tour

Long time metalcore act Shai Hulud will be touring across Canada this spring with support from Naysayer, Endwell and My Turn To Win. The tour only hits the provinces of Ontario and Quebec but there are several dates. Shai Hulud has been around since the mid 1990`s and they just keep going and going. Hope to hear some new material from them soon. Endwell has a new record coming out shortly. Check out the dates below.

6/26 St. Catharines, ON @ Scene Fest
6/27 Hamilton, ON @ Casbah
6/28 London, ON @ London Music Hall Lounge
6/29 Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's
6/30 Oshawa, ON @ The Green Bottle
7/1 Kingston, ON @ Time To Laugh
7/2 Gatineau, QC @ Heart Fest
7/3 Montreal, QC @ Underworld
7/4 Quebec City, QC @ L'Agitee
7/5 Jonquiere, QC @ Elks Lodge

The Famine Breaks Up - Courtney Love kills their singer

Just kidding about the Courtney Love thing. Yesterday we reported on how the drummer for The Famine had quit. We now it seems the band has made the unanimous decision to call it quits. Interesting little blip from the band below. Talks a lot about being in a metal band these days in your 30`s with kids.... Check it out:

``The Famine never should have existed.  I don’t mean that like when a jealous brother screams “I wish you were never born!” at his little sister.  What I mean is that we came together as a group of married thirty-somethings with kids and small businesses.  Our singer lived on the other side of the country.  It was a cumbersome proposition, but we made it work.  Most of you are familiar with the fire that claimed most of our equipment and the departure of our vocalist about a year ago.  We should have never been able to make our last record, but we did.  This brings us to the present day.
As of this past Saturday, The Famine is no more.  In my mind, bands break up because Courtney Love kills their singer or because they can’t stand each other.  Neither of those circumstances is descriptive of our situation.  For us, life simply got in the way, as it often does.  There is a medical emergency in my family, and I’ll be moving to Los Angeles in August to care for a loved one in his final days.  Mark and Andy both have families for which they are the breadwinners, and Jon has been putting off going to graduate school.  Instead of trying to simultaneously satiate Mark’s drive and Andy’s inability to tour and my distance from the band and Jon’s webbed toes (sorry, Jon), we came together and decided as a group that it is time to lay The Famine to rest.
Words cannot express how thankful we all are to have had these experiences, and without those of you who are reading this right now, none of this would have been possible.  So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for the support and kindness you have shown us for the past four years.  Thank you for allowing us in to your lives, and for giving us the opportunity to connect, even though most of us have never met.  You’ll see us around.  You might not see the same faces or the same names, but I know that music means too much to all of us to let it die with this moniker.  So, this is goodbye for now.``



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Despised Icon and Ion Dissonance Vocalists Lend Their Voices To New Execute The Sinner Single

Whatchyou know about dive bombs, motherfucker? Execute The Sinner from St. Jean, Montréal sure know a thing or two about them. Their single 'A Darker Feeling', which they posted on their Facebook page March 25, is full of them, not to mention squeals, breakdowns, techy fills, and just some really cool non-melodic noises from Aimé Duquet on guitar.

Vocals on this song how ever are split up between Execute The Sinner frontman, Jean-Michel Cadieux, Alex Erian of Despised Icon, and Kevin McCaughey of Ion Dissonance. Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. If it wasn't a busy enough song to begin with, you have three awesome vocalists all sounding so guttural and depraved it hurts over what I can honestly say has been the angriest 4:35 seconds of my week so far.

They posted another single last Sunday called 'Threnody'. The band is gearing up for a CD release on April 29, when they'll be playing a show with Deadwalk, The Prestige, The Fall Of Gabriel, After A Clockwork Orange and Death At A Funeral at Underworld in Montréal.

Wayback Playback! --> Alive - P.O.D. (2001)

Today we remember the band P.O.D. or in longform Payable On Death.... wait... they're still together? Yes indeed they are... I thought they would've broken up after the Matrix Reloaded came out... huh... anyways enjoy this classic track from 2001's "Satellite".

Human Abstract Headlining the "Pull Me From The Gallows" Tour

"Progressive metal" act The Human Abstract (oh I rhymed) are headlining the "Pull Me From The Gallows" tour this spring and it's coming to a town near you! Support will include Scale The Summit, This Or The Apocalypse, letlive., Across The Sun, No Bragging Rights, & finally Elitist. Quite the up and comer lineup. Dates are listed below (there is a T.O. date).

FRI, MAY 13, 2011 ANAHEIM, CA @ Chain Reaction (w/ Elitist)
SAT, MAY 14, 2011 PHOENIX, AZ @ The Underground
MON, MAY 16, 2011 LUBBOCK, TX @ Jake’s Sports Cafe
TUE, MAY 17, 2011 DALLAS, TX @ Trees
WED, MAY 18, 2011 SAN ANTONIO, TX @ The White Rabbit
THU, MAY 19, 2011 HOUSTON, TX @ Numbers
FRI, MAY 20, 2011 PENSACOLA, FL @ The Handlebar
SAT, MAY 21, 2011 WEST PALM BEACH, FL @ The Pit
SUN, MAY 22, 2011 JACKSONVILLE, FL @ The Pit
TUE, MAY 24, 2011 DOUGLASVILLE, GA @ The 7 Venue
WED, MAY 25, 2011 RALEIGH, NC @ Volume 11
FRI, MAY 27, 2011 SPRINGFIELD, VA @ Jaxx
SAT, MAY 28, 2011 BRONX, NY @ The Point
SUN, MAY 29, 2011 MANCHESTER, NH @ Rocko’s
MON, MAY 30, 2011 ALLENTOWN, PA @ Crocodile Rock Cafe
TUE, MAY 31, 2011 TORONTO, ON @ The Wreckroom
WED, JUN 1, 2011 CLEVELAND, OH @ Peabody’s
THU, JUN 2, 2011 COLUMBUS, OH @ The Seven Venue
FRI, JUN 3, 2011 TOLEDO, OH @ Headliners
SAT, JUN 4, 2011 JOLIET, IL @ Mojoe’s
SUN, JUN 5, 2011 ST. LOUIS, MO @ Fubar
MON, JUN 6, 2011 OMAHA, NE @ Sokol Underground
WED, JUN 8, 2011 DENVER, CO @ The Marquis Theater
THU, JUN 9, 2011 SALT LAKE CITY, UT @ In The Venue
FRI, JUN 10, 2011 BOISE, ID @ Mardi Gras
SAT, JUN 11, 2011 SPOKANE, WA @ The Hop
SUN, JUN 12, 2011 SEATTLE,WA @ Studio Seven
MON, JUN 13, 2011 PORTLAND, OR @ Branx
TUE, JUN 14, 2011 LOS GATOS, CA @ The Venue
THU, JUN 16, 2011 CAMARILLO, CA @ Rock City (w/ Elitist)
FRI, JUN 17, 2011 WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA @ The Whisky A Go Go (w/ Elitist)
SAT JUN 18, 2011 SAN DIEGO, CA @ SOMA (w/ Elitist)

The Famine Drummer Decides "It Was Time To Leave"

Mark Garza - the former drummer of The Famine - has issued a statement recently updating the public on his departure from The Famine.

"It's true that I have left The Famine with no particular destination as of now. I don't have any scandalous reason why I left other than I know when its my time to go and I just went. I believe that I did everything I could to accomplish the reasonable goals that I had while in this band, but as a musician, I'm always looking to be challenged, and that passion had been waning. I don't think that The Famine is a victim of the 'industry' or that I have any personal regrets, except that I had hoped to play by our own rules in an effort to not damage our personal lives the way we had numerous times before, but the music business IS a mess right now and there are no rules. So, I'm humbled by your support for me and The Famine and hope that you support them as they continue to fight the good fight."

Brutal Truth Finish Recording New Album

Get psyched! Drug-crazed grindfreaks, Brutal Truth, have just finished recording their latest self-produced full-length album, End Time, which is set to be released late this summer. They wrapped up the recording process at New York's Watchmen Studios with Doug White. It was mixed by Jason P.C. at Goatsound Studios and is being mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound.

If this album is half as good as 2009's Evolution Through Revolution, their first release in over 11 years (because they disbanded in '99 and reformed in '06), I won't think twice about buying it. Just reading these previewed song titles gives me goosebumps, I shit you not: "Celebratory Gunfire", "Crawling Man Blues", "Old World Order", "Killing Planet Earth", "Gut-Check", "Addicted", "Drink Up", and "Control Room".

Here's their video for the first song on Evolution Through Revolution, 'Sugar Daddy".

Available Metal & Hardcore Releases for this Week

4/12/2011 - Believer - Transhuman
4/12/2011 - Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
4/12/2011 - Indian - Guiltless
4/12/2011 - Last Chance To Reason - Level 2
4/12/2011 - letlive. - Fake History
4/12/2011 - Pentagram - Last Rites
4/12/2011 - Red Fang - Murder The Mountains
4/12/2011 - Summon The Crows - One More For the Gallows
4/12/2011 - Thursday - No Devolución
4/12/2011 - Victims - A Dissident
4/12/2011 - Young Widows - In And Out Of Youth And Lightness

Eramosa Fires Post Rehab Jonny Craig

Jonny "wanna buy a macbook?" Craig has been kicked out of Eramosa one month after his week long rehab stint. Craig checked into rehab for a one week detox after being accused of scamming fans for thousands of dollars in a online macbook selling scam. A replacement has yet to be announced but as of now Eramosa hasn't canceled any upcoming tour dates. The band had the following to say:

"As of today, Jonny Craig is no longer a member of Emarosa. This decision has been a hard one to make, but we feel it is in the best interest for the band going forward."

Jonny was quick to respond with:

"I got no hard feelings to any of the dudes in Emarosa I am more than happy to be with Dance Gavin Dance and working on my solo shit. Hope they can keep up."

We'll see how long before Dance Gavin Dance outs him too.

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Question Of Integrity

Scott Hull has always been a personal hero of mine. The man has probably written about 2,000 songs in his lifetime, plays for a number of my favourite grind bands, works as a producer at his studio, Visceral Sound, and I suspect him of actually being a robot from the future sent back to teach the world what grindcore and powerviolence is really all about.

Yes, when I think about grind two names come to mind: Bill Steer and Scott Hull. I've been a fan of Agoraphobic Nosebleed for years before Agorapocalypse came out, but when I treated my ears to this for the first time I thought, “by God, this is listenable!” You've still got the 1,000 BPM electronic 'machine gun' drums that Hull himself programmed using Toontrack's Drum Kit From Hell (which accounts for why they sound so damn good this time around) and Jay Randall and Richard Johnson yelling their sacs off about sexual and violent themes. But this time there are intense death growls and high pitched screams being thrown out by the absolutely adorable Katherine Katz, formerly of Salome.
Another important stylistic change on this album is that the songs were longer than 10 seconds apiece allowing Hull to show off the fact that he can shred the shit out of an eight-string guitar and program some pretty impressive drums.

Check out the 48 second drum solo at the end of today's Daily Grind, Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Question of Integrity.

For fans of: Pig Destroyer, Salome, Napalm Death, Man Is The Bastard, Cattle Decapitation

Monday, April 11, 2011

Video Of The Day --> The Kazookeylele... So Awesome It's Metal \.../ \.../

Nevermore Drop North American Dates

My spirits were crushed today by news of Nevermore abandoning all of their North American dates for their tour with Syphony X, Powerglove and Blackguard, a tour I fully intended to attend when it made its stop in Ottawa later this month. Suddenly I wish I'd waited to purchase my ticket. The tour has already suffered seeing as Soilwork announced that they would be dropping out of the North American tour due to a herniated disc in guitarist Peter Wichers' lower back.

In a statement from Nevermore's Myspace blog they express their their disappointment in dropping out of the tour, but don't offer an explanation as to why.

Fans can expect an official statement from Nevermore in the coming days.

Album Alert Of Prehistoric Proportions: Mastodon Recording New Material

Somewhere in Georgia, a storm's a-brewin' and Atlanta's Mastodon, a band that fans and haters alike are no doubt familiar with, are the ones stirring the winds.

The band recently announced that they are working on their follow-up to 2009's Crack the Skye.

I might as well start by take this opportunity to express my extreme bias towards this four-piece crew of ragtag rednecks and rockers: I fucking love this band and always will, regardless of their dipping into the mainstream.

Mastodon is a band that seems to transcend genres and fearlessly take creative leaps that have alienated listeners in the past. Their roots in sludge metal that can be heard on albums like Lifesblood and Remission, blossomed into a much more straight forward heavy metal sound that can be heard on Leviathan and in a more progressive form on Blood Mountain. That sound eventually grew into their much more rock-infused chef-d'oeuvre, Crack the Skye, which sounded much like Led Zeppelin had a midlife crisis and tried to go metal with Ozzy and King Buzzo manning all vocal responsibilities.

Drummer, Brann Dailor, had this to say about the sound the new album is taking on so far in a Noisecreep interview:

It doesn't seem as proggy. There's moments, but it seems more riff-oriented. It seems a little more stripped down. [2004's] 'Leviathan' was a little more stripped down, and it feels like that to me. Everything always changes once you go in the studio, but at the moment it seems like a really super-heavy Led Zeppelin or something. It has a lot of that [John] Bonham-esque groove to it, but really heavy and dark. I really like playing like that, and when it goes into those parts, I'm psyched."

Like the rest of their albums since Leviathan, this new musical endeavour will too be a concept album. The finer points haven't been ironed out yet, said Dailor, who wouldn't reveal any details about the plot other than that it will be 'a classic story about redemption'.

It's a mythology that's invented because we care so deeply as human beings for one another, it's hard to think that you just go into a hole [after you die] and that's it. So you want to see your loved ones be exalted in some way, or be a part of something that's much more grandiose."

Dailor also said that Mastodon has yet to find a producer for the upcoming album.

So fans have an idea of what the album will come out sounding like, and a bearing on what direction the plot will take, but I've learned not to count my chickens before they hatch when it comes to Mastodon. I'm still confident that this album will be a total winner, despite the high bar that Crack The Skye set, perhaps not in terms of musicianship but rather in terms of sheer songwriting ability.

Video Of The Day: Ukrainecore ---> Make Me Famous - Make It Precious

The band is "Make Me Famous" and they're from Ukraine.. and look the part. Everything about this video brings the LOLZ LOLZ. There's the best air kick ever around 1:10 into the video and I have no idea what's going on at the end of the song but around 3:20 things just get ridiculous. European bands never seem to "get it" if you know what I mean... that is except for Meshuggah. Enjoy.

Update on the DTOX Rockfest lineup

DTOX Rockfest in Montebello, Québec is shaping up to be something very, very special for metalheads this year. The 2011 lineup is riddled with great Canadian metal and hardcore bands and even some international headlining acts – big ones too – alongside its expected assortment of punk and rock bands.

Some of the heavier acts they've recruited belong to Beheading of a King, Life On Trial, Polishdébin, Insurrection, Aarsen, UKKO, Slaves On Dope, Beneath the Massacre, Cryptopsy, Blind Witness, Abandon All Ships, Kataklysm, Cancer Bats, Whitechapel, Hatebreed and Lamb of fucking God.

I want to say there is no way in the world I'll miss this two day festival, but I'm not ordering my two-day pass until I know for sure I can make it out to Montebello. Anyways, it promises to be a terrific blend of punk, hardcore and metal and I'll even go so far as to suggest that this could be one of THE Canadian music festivals to look forward to this summer for headbangers and hardcore kids alike.

The full lineup for this years Rockfest can be viewed here:
DTOX Rockfest Lineup

Suicide Silence Recording New Album

Suicide Silence are wrapping up the recording process according to guitarist Mark Heylmun. Their new album, Black Crown, is set to be released in July although a specific date has not been set.

13 tracks have been recorded for the album so far, but the band is unsure of whether all the tracks will make the final cut for the record, said Heylmun during an interview with Metal Injection. Some of the titles that you can expect to see on the track list are “Human Violence”, “Cancerous Skies”, and “Fuck Everything”.

Heylmun provided a recording update stating that guitars had been tracked and Mitch Lucker was currently working on vocals for the album.

The Daily Grind - Song of the Day: First Fragment - Obsolete Ascendancy

Howdy there, The Daily Grind is essentially a song of the day that I'm going try to post (you guessed it) every day that, hopefully, some of you haven't heard of before along with a little blurb about the song, the band, and why I think it rocks/sucks/should be the song of the day.
Fittingly, the first band I'm going to feature is this killer Canadian technical death metal band from Longueuil, Québec called First Fragment. They've been around since 2007, but a 3 year long search for a drummer kept them from releasing a debut EP until last year. I don't know how many of you out there have ever heard these guys, but I can't think of one bad thing to say about them.
Obsolete Ascendancy is my favourite song from their 2010 EP The Afterthought Ecstasy. It starts off with some eerie bells, strings, and some really kick-ass neoclassical piano. Then the shred begins, and there's not a hint of sloppiness anywhere in the song. I'd love to see these guys live, especially now that I know they're just a province away.

For fans of: Origin, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Psycroptic

Virginia's Salome Lose Their Voice

Katherine Katz has parted ways with Virginia doom band Salome, stating that personal conflicts with the band have forced her hand in making the decision.

The announcement was made sometime in late March, but it's only just reached my ears. This is an unfortunate turn for the band, as Katz is one of the most amazing female vocalists out there today and can scream the balls off of half the pretty boy vocalists in the metal scene right now. The fact that she's knock-out gorgeous doesn't help matters for Salome.

Anyways, here's what Katz had to say about splitting with the band:

“I'm no longer in Salome because of personal conflicts within the band. I wish them well if they decide to continue on, and I hope they're successful with all their projects. I'm continuing with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and will hopefully be forming another project in the future.

Thanks for everyone's support over the years. I greatly appreciate it.”

I can't see the band continuing after this kind of loss, at least not with the same kind of following. I think not only was the novelty of having a female vocalist a huge advantage for them in the past, but the fact that she was actually talented was what made them worth listening to. I think it's really fortunate though that their last album, Terminal, was as awesome as it was, because I have a good feeling that it may be the last we hear from them.

- Submitted By Dan R. Hurtubise

August Burns Red Plays New Song In Winnipeg

August Burns Red are currently on tour in Canada without Born Of Osiris (Canada Denies Born of Osiris... But Why?) and they played some new material at a show in Winnipeg. August Burns Red`s new album Leveler comes out June 21st via Solid State Records. Check out the footage from the April 5th show in Winnipeg below.

New Releases This Week April 11 - 18th: BTBAM & Winds Of Plague

Check out the new releases for this week.

12.04    Pentagram - Last Rites
12.04    Between The Buried And Me - The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues [EP]
13.04    Amaranthe - Amaranthe
13.04    Norther - Circle Regenerated
15.04    Guardians Of Time - A Beautiful Atrocity
15.04    Aura - Deliverance
15.04    Pegazus - In Metal We Trust
15.04    Sarke - Oldarhian
15.04    Demonical - Death Infernal
15.04    The Poodles - Performocracy
15.04    Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire
16.04    Deftones - Covers [Compilation]
18.04    Cruachan - Blood On The Black Robe
18.04    Arkan - Salam
18.04    Panzerchrist - Regiment Ragnarok
18.04    Uriah Heep - Into The Wild
18.04    Septicflesh - The Great Mass
18.04    Loudblast - Frozen Moments Between Life And Death
18.04    Winds Of Plague - Against The World
18.04    Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Sect(s)

God Ruins Another Band: MyChildren MyBride Guitarist Quits Because God Told Him To

God's gone and done it again. Seems to be this band's biggest issue... I remember sometime early last year I think another member quit or was kicked out because he was an atheist (LOL!). Seems once again MyChildren MyBride has lost another member due to religious idiocy. Guitarist Daniel Alvarado has left the band. Here's his WHACKED out ridiculously long and sappy statement below. Blah.

"What's up everyone. I just wanted to take a minute to fill you all in on some things that have been going on in my life and with the band. For the past few months I've been tossing some things around in my mind and God's been tugging at my heartstrings about some important issues. The main thing being my involvement with the band. So I'm sorry to inform you all that I've decided that it's time for me to move onto a different page in my life and end the chapter called Mychildren Mybride. It's been an absolutely fantastic adventure over the past few years with these guys and I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world. I've just been doing an immense amount of praying and soul-searching and I've found that God is having me end my time with this band to seek him in other ways.

"I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I wasn't a bit emotional about this decision but I'm at a different point in my life now and the band and I have discussed that it would be most beneficial for everyone if I were to move on to pursue other things. It's been such a blessing being able to tour with such a great group of guys and being able to hang out with all of you at shows. I'm so incredibly thankful for the opportunity and blessing I've been given to play with this band. I've learned alot about myself during these few years and have made a million solid relationships that I will hold dearly to my heart forever. I love you all so very very much for the support and encouragement and hope that I've made a positive impact on you in some way.

"Thank you all so much for allowing me to perform for you night after night and for supporting the band the way that you have. And also keep in mind that the band will DEFINITELY continue touring so don't think that this is the end of MCMB because it's far from it. This is a group of extremely hardworking, God-fearing, men that are pouring their hearts and souls into this band day after day, night after night, month after month, year after year, to make music for YOU. So never fear, MCMB is here to stay. Please keep them all in your prayers and me as well. We all know that God is getting ready to do AMAZING things with us and I'm excited to find out where he leads me and what he has in-store for the band. Once again, thank you all SO SO SO much for the love and support and continue to support MCMB! I love you all from the bottom of my heart and hope that I'll be able to cross paths with some of you again, whether it be with another band or by some other means :) God bless..."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

BTBAM EP Review: No Yawning In Hypersleep

Well, Between the Buried and Me's new EP, 'The Parrallax: Hypersleep Dialogues', has finally leaked! God only knows how long ago, but all that really matters is that it has leaked. I suppose I could have just waited for its official release (April 12), but I usually like to listen to an album before I run out and buy it.

I'll admit I wasn't as excited for Parrallax as I have been in the past for albums from the band who birthed Alaska and Colors, two of my all-time favourite albums but when I heard about it I was really excited for 3 reasons:
1. To hear what their first release since last year's The Great Misdirect (which I refer to as The Great Disappointment) would sound like.
2. Because it was their first EP to be released since they signed to Metal Blade Records
3. It made me realize they haven't released an EP, ever!

I wasn't surprised to find that this 3 song EP measures out to be 30 minutes, considering Misdirect was practically the same length as Colors and had a shorter track list. So naturally I was expecting 3 songs so good that they couldn't wait to write another 3 roughly that length and release a full length album.

What I found both impressed and disappointed me. In terms of musical prowess, the album is instrumentally baffling, as anybody familiar with the five-piece technical metal band from North Carolina would assume, but it just wasn't up to my standards when it came to the actual finished product. It seemed jumpy and unorganized at times and riffs or beats that I wished would repeat or last longer didn't, point being that repetition, familiarity and structure aren't always bad things.

Still, on Parrallax, BTBAM bring you three more 8 to 11 minute songs that sound nothing alike and chock-full of riffs that promise to rarely repeat themselves. Although it's as quirky, technical, and musically epic as what fans have likely come to expect from BTBAM, Parrallax is a regrettably soft final product for a band that just signed to Metal Blade. However, I will say is that it is an entertaining listen, but it won't get the same kind of play my copy of Colors did.

The Parrallax: Hypersleep Dialogues is a stronger release that The Great Misdirect but drastically less aggressive than their older works. The songs are still heavy and aren't without hooks, but there just seems to be so much less of all that good stuff in songs so long. It will probably also be overrated by die-hard fans, but that's only a prediction.

M.H. Blog Spot Rating: 7.5 out of 10 stagedives

Submitted by - Dan R. Hurtubise

Knight's Of The Abyss Goes On "Indefinite Hiatus"

'Knights' crawl back to the Abyss.

Arizona deathcore act, Knights of the Abyss, are on an 'indefinite hiatus', as they have reported in a message on their Facebook page.

Needless to say the news of the hiatus has probably has a few people out there seriously bummed out. The rest of us probably only had an acute sensation that somehow our lives were going to improve, but had no idea as to why or how...

To me, this band has been on hiatus since about 2008, when they released Shades and failed to improve in any way since their 2007 salute to metal mediocrity, Juggernaut. They stepped things up with 2010's The Culling Of Wolves, but to me one good album doesn't mean they're ready to sit at the big kid's table.

The band released a statement on on their Facebook page April first announcing the hiatus and assuring all of us who were scared that it may just be a joke, that they were in fact on hiatus and would be for an indeterminate period of time. The band doesn't dismiss the idea of touring, writing new music or the possibility of a breakup. Here's their 'official' Facebook statement:

“[...] We have been on an "indefinite hiatus". There is no telling what the future holds for Knights. We are all currently involved in other musical endeavors, therefore Knights will not be touring anytime soon. Ben is drumming with Whitechapel, Griffin is tracking and mixing his ass off pulling 14 hour days at his studio with new projects, Nick is playing guitar in another band, etc. We will keep you updated with these projects and other Knights related news as more unfolds. Will we ever release another album? Maybe. Will we ever tour again? Maybe. Can't say yes or no. Now you know.”

Submitted By - Dan R. Hurtubise

The Browning Writing Update

Metal/dance/core band The Browning are currently writing their second full length. The band posted recently what the writing process for the album was like.

"Breakdown Breakdown Two Step Breakdown Two Step Breakdown End"

Check out this terrible gimmick band in the video below.