Saturday, April 09, 2011

Way Back Hardcore Playback! Stutterfly - Fire Whispers

Blind Witness Recording New Album

On March 30th, French-Canadian metalcore act Blind Witness announced that they were in the studio recording their next album. In 2010 it was announced that they parted ways with their bassist and one of their guitarists and it is unclear at the moment who may be filling in those spots. I'm excited for this release. Support Canadian hardcore and metal! Check out Blind Witness's song "Baby One More Notch" from their 2010 release "Nightmare On Providence St.".

Misery Signals: Two Words

Facebook Update From Misery Signals Today:

Band Practice.

Bands To Know In 2011: The Eyes Of A Traitor

The Eyes Of Traitor are an upcoming coming metalcore act from the United Kingdom. Erupting out of the same scene as Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, and Your Demise this 5 piece is starting to make a name for themselves after releasing two full lengths and an EP. Their sound is focused on metalcore riffing and heavy vocals which sounds generic but is quite far from it. This band has found a niche within that genre for themselves and have evolved a distinct sound especially with their latest release "Breathless". The Eyes of a Traitor have an EP of rerecords and a new full length due out in 2011 so it will be a big year for these guys. I hope the break into the North American market more. They're getting huge in the UK! Check out the video below for their tune "Come To My Senses" off to 2010's "Breathless".

Liferuiner Update/European Headlining Tour

Toronto based straight-edge metalcore act Liferuiner has gone through many changes over the last couple years between the American and Canadian line-up battle. But that's all over now and the Canadian one is back. Yes it's true, I never thought I'd see the day but Liferuiner once again has a somewhat stable Canadian lineup fronted by none other than Johnny OC. They've even managed to secure a European tour this May. We'll see if this tour follows through unlike their last planned Euro tour in Dec 2010. Honestly, I'm not straightedge but for some reason I've always been into this band. Their last release I thought was surprisingly good and still listen to it from time to time so I really do that things work out for these guys. I mean Liferuiner has been everything that is rock and roll (crime, label problems, tons of members, fights, death threats, drugs, rape, etc etc). It's all history now. According to wikipedia they're releasing an album in 2011 called "Sons of Straightedge"... I highly doubt that's accurate because their page is notorious for being messed around with. Before the Euro tour the boys are playing some dates around Quebec and Ontario with Modern Miniatures. Dates are below.

Thursday, Apr 21
8:00 pm - Absinthe
Hamilton, ON

Friday, Apr 22
8:00 pm - The Hive
Kitchener, ON

Saturday, Apr 23
 8:00 pm - The Blind Dog
Windsor, ON

Sunday, Apr 24
8:00 pm - The Green Bottle
Oshawa, ON

Friday, Apr 29
8:00 pm - TBA
Kingston, ON

Saturday, Apr 30
8:00 pm - Cafe Rock Le Stage
Trois Rivieres, QC

Sunday, May 1
8:00 pm - Underworld
Montreal, QC

Monday, May 2
8:00 pm - Dagobert
Quebec City, QC

Tuesday, May 3
8:00 pm - Bar Le Magog
Sherbrooke, QC

Wednesday, May 4
8:15 pm - MAVERICKS
Ottawa, ON

Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Canadian Tour Dates

Mathcore masters Tony Danza Tapda... I'm tired of typing.. Danza will appear on four Canadian dates this April as support for Carnifex on the Names Mean Nothing Tour. Additional support comes from Within the Ruins and Oceano. The dates are below.

April 12 - Windsor, Ont
April 13 - Toronto, Ont
April 14 - Montreal, Que
April 15 - Quebec City, Que

3 Canadian Bands That Shouldn't Have Broken Up

Videos say enough.

Chris Hornbrook (Poison the Well) Official Facebook

Chris Hornbrook from Poison the Well (currently on hiatus) has recently created his own official facebook music page. I hope this means we can hear some new music from him soon. Check the link below and ``like``.

New Video Alert! Upon A Burning Body - Intermission

I`ve seriously never witnessed so much drinking in a metalcore video ever. Straight-edge kids everywhere are crying. Below is the recently released video for Upon A Burning Body`s song ``Intermission``. It`s full of alcohol, guitars, stage dives, and breakdowns. And I love it. Seriously, this band is underrated and makes awesome and fun metalcore to listen to. ``It`s time to party like it`s 1999!``

Ender and Vocalist Go Their Seperate Ways

Okay, so there`s this band from New Jersey called Ender and they could quite possibly be the worst deathcore band since Emmure. Why? Because their now former singer was the biggest Franki Palmeri wannabe in the state of New Jersey. There name is also similar to Emmure`s and Franki even does guest vocals on the tune ``Panty Sniffer Does Porn``. Awesome song title. It`s probably about the drummer (far left). Anyways, now the singer and the band have parted ways because `he`s not into the scene` anymore. Too bad...

"Joe was a huge part of Ender, and we will miss him very much. As much as this sucks, there are no hard feelings and we wish him the best of luck, and will continue to be close friends with him. We will not let this bring Ender down! We are working on new music, and we will be trying out singers to front our band. If anyone is interested feel free to shoot us a message to our email Thanks to everyone who has supported Ender and continues to support us!"

Kind of funny.. the wording at the beginning. Judging from the picture above he was A HUGE part of Ender. What a fugly looking dude. This band should just break up and pretend they never existed.

Protest the Bill: Maylene Not Tech Enough

Recently, I got the chance to catch terrific live performances by Protest the Hero (who I assume just about everyone has at least heard of), and UK-based metal band TesseracT when their tour touched down in Ottawa in March.
When I first heard they were touring together, I knew it was too good to be true. TesseracT was not a band that I thought I'd get to see in the next 10 years without having to go to Europe or the US, let alone alongside a band like Protest. But then I saw the bill saw Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's name below Protest's and above TesseracT's.
I gawked at it like it was a shit sandwich; Two pieces of perfectly good bread, and a big southern-fried turd stuffed in between. At the show, their sound stuck out like a hammer smashed face in a lineup of Miss America contenders.
I'm not necessarily picking on the band. They're far from my preferred sound and scene, but they're okay at what they do and people seem to like them (there were enough people there donned in plaid and trucker caps singing along to their songs among the sea of teeny-boppers and 16-year-old metal heads in Lamb of God t-shirts who turned out to see Protest to prove that) but whoever decided to put them on a tour like that was fucking high. Especially in between two bands like TesseracT and Protest. It's literally like throwing a wrench in the works for guys like me who don't come out to rock to the sounds of AC/DC and Every Time I Die's bastard lovechild in between real metal acts.
At least their set gave me an opportunity to get drunk from the balcony before Protest took the stage and really got the place moving.

- Submitted by Dan R. Hurtubise

Structures Recording Full Length Album

If you're from Ontario and have been paying any attention to the local up and coming metal scene then you've probably heard of Structures. Consisting of young members (frest outta high school) this 5 piece act released quite the impressive EP last year titled All of the Above. They recently released a tour/studio update as well as new photos of them in the studio on their facebook (!/wearestructures ). Apparently the boys are in the process of recording a full length album thats due out sometime in 2011. Seriously one thing I can't figure out though is, has this band been signed? They should be by now and I'd be surprised if they're self releasing a full length. Anyways check out the video below.

Every Time I Die & The Chariot to tour Ontario, Canada In May!

One of everybody's hardcore favourites "Every Time I Die" will be touring 5 stops this May in Ontario with The Chariot & The Fucking Hotlights. Haven't really cared for The Chariot now for a few years and I've never even heard of The Fucking Hotlights until today but it would be nice to catch ETID. They're usually really good for playing a mix of everything and put on a great show. Guess Keith Buckley's side project... umm... oh yeah The Damned Things didn't really take off. The dates for Ontario follow:

5/23 Ottawa, ON @ Ritual
5/24 Kingston, ON @ Time To Laugh Comedy
5/25 Kitchener, ON @ Club Wax
5/26 Toronto, ON @ The Annex Wreck Room
5/27 London, ON @ Call The Office

Another Legend Song Surfaces... Fails To Impress Me

Michigan chuggalugcore act Legend (seriously there's like 12 bands with that name already... why didn't they google it first?) have released another song from their upcoming second album "The Pale Horse". The song is called Circle of Friends and it's everything I expected but worse... There's tons of chugging and so much production on the guitars. All those quick trigger guitar effects that are so trendy now are present at least 6 times in the tune and its only 3 minutes. You can't even pull that shit off so why bother adding it into your album so much? I recently watched some Legend live vids on you tube and was annoyed to see that in their live show they often just play an ipod for the really sampled bits instead of finding a creative way to get around it live. Anyways, here's the song below.. I mean  it's not sooo bad but I'll get tired of it after 5 more listens and never go back to it. I hope the rest of the album is better.

Circle Of Friends - Legend

Video Of The Day: It's Not Safe To Swin Today - Veil Of Mayo I mean Maya

Video of the Day is metalcore act Veil of Maya's "It's Not Safe To Swim Today" from their 2008 release The Common Man's Collapse. 0:45.

August Burns Red - New Album Title "Leveler".. Is that even a word?

Christian metalcore band August Burns Red are readying up to release their recently titled album "Leveler" this summer. My first thought when I heard the title of the album was... is that Engrish? Next thought... maybe.. it could be from the bible which I'm not familiar with in the least. But nope it's not from the bible but a real word indeed and has to do with vocal production in the studio. A leveler is used by almost all metal vocalists these days, especially those that scream. A leveler is a device like a compressor. It picks up the smallest noises coming through a mic and makes them the same level as the loudest noises going through the mic. Now maybe this is a coincidence and ABR was going for some real deep Bushism meaning like... oh all these songs just really leveled us all out as a band.. blah blah.. its way heavier and more melodic... blah blah blah or its a homage to how produced the vocalists vocals actually are. Whatever the case... I'm not excited for this album at all. The last one disappointed me greatly.. sounding a lot like washed up Messengers (which is loved along with Thrill Seeker).. so we'll see. This band is full of awesome musicians but also religious douche bags that preach their beliefs all over their songs and live shows.

Wormrot: Short, Brutal, Just Down Right Awesome!

Ever heard of Wormrot? Maybe? Maybe not? Well this is my new guilty pleasure for the week. I came across one of this band's new videos last week. I say videos because although this band has only a small underground following they seem to have more videos than Lady Gaga. But that's because their songs are literally not longer than 50 seconds! I've never really been into grindcore before.. but that is without a doubt what they are. I have absolutely no clue what they're saying but that could be because they are from Singapore which is kind of awesome and were apparently picked up by Euro label Nuclear Blast. Anyways felt like pimpin' this band out a bit over here in the great white north. Check out the two videos below and prepare to have your face melted off.

Wormrot - Spot A Pathetic

Wormrot - Erased Existance

Canada Denies Born of Osiris... But Why?

Born Of Osiris who just released their latest album "The Discovery" this past March were slated to do a Canadian Tour (well... southern Ontario and Quebec) with August Burns Red (odd choice... to tour together) in early April. Well as it appears the 6 piece metal act was rejected while trying to cross into the red, white, and... well just red and white. It could have been as simple as them not having all the proper paper work or visas to work in Canada.. which is a common problem. However rumours have begun to swirl all over message boards. One being that their merch guy had a criminal record for assault and the other being they tried to bring in some of the green herb smuggled in the drum kit (LOL!). If it was the merch guy.. then fuck him for ruining the tour.. but if it was weed.. that's just dumb. Really? Trying to bring it into Canada? Hello? It's Canada.. I'm sure they could have found plenty of it here. Oh well, I was bummed when I first heard of the tour because there was no Guelph/Kitchener show... and London got one... but now that Born of Osiris aren't there all I can say is... have fun at bible camp with ABR! A message from the band below.

"Due to some very unexpected problems at the border, we were unable to cross into Canada. We were forced to turn around and head home and could not be more bummed about this. We are so sorry to everyone who had already bought tickets to the shows in hopes to see us. We were excited to get to play a lot of places we haven't been to before throughout Canada with some great bands. We will try again to make it out to Canada in the near future, and will do everything within our powers to ensure we make it across next time."

Not All Quiet On The Front: The Acacia Strain release single for Homefront 's VG Soundtrack

Massachusetts' metal act "The Acacia Strain" is just one of eleven metal bands to appear on the internet only released Homefront: Songs for the Resistance. The album consists of 11 cover songs (all relating to war in some way) and the Acacia Strain went with the infamous metal anthem "War Pigs." For those unaware, War Pigs was originally recorded by Black Sabbath (of Ozzy Osbourne fame) in the 1970's. As far as I can recall I've never heard a cover of this tune before... maybe because it's a risky piece to cover because of so many die-hard Ozzy fans.. and just can't fuck with that. However in this case I really think Acacia deserves some "props" for what they accomplished here. The song begins more or less like the original but gradually progresses more into their own style as it moves along. Vincent Bennett's vocals on this couldn't be more perfect. The vocals are clear and most metal heads should know pretty much all the lyrics to this anthem. The guitars on this track really beef up but stay true to the original riffing of Tony Iommi. Not sure if DL is playing guitar on this track though or its the live guitarists they're using right now. I'd be interested to know. I'm also pretty sure it's recorded on downtuned 6 strings not 8 strings like their last release "Wormwood." Anyways check out the album.. it's all over torrent sites online. Other acts include Veil of Maya, As I Lay Dying, and Dillinger Escape Plan's rendition of "Fight the Power" which actually features Chuck D. Ahh damn.. I should've just reviewed the album... Check out the tune at the link below.

War Pigs - The Acacia Strain - You Tube Vid