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TMHTimes Top 50 Albums of 2011: Part 3

Part 3 is now here and we have a couple strange ones on here but with good reason. Today's list of 10 ranges from nu-metal to hip hop to pop punk. Here's a quick recap of 50 through 31 from the past two days below:

50) The Bunny The Bear - If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say (June 28th, 2011 via Victory Records)
49) Suicide Silence - The Black Crown (July 12th, 2011 via Century Media Records)
48) Periphery - Periphery (April 20th, 2011 via Sumerian Records)
47) The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne (September 13th, 2011 via Ferret Music)
46) August Burns Red - Leveler (June 21st, 2011 via Solid State Records)
45) Big Business - Quadruple Single (2011 via Gold Metal Records)
44) The Browning - Burn This World (October 4th, 2011 via Earache Records)
43) Tonight Alive - "Little Lion Man" (Single from Pop Goes Punk 4 via Fearless Records)
42) In The Midst Of Lions - Shadows (November 22nd, 2011 via Facedown Records
41) Thomas Giles - Pulse (February 1st, 2011 via Metal Blade Records)
40) Chelsea Grin - My Damnation (July 19th via Artery Records)
39) Lower Than Atlantis - World Record (April 25th, 2011 via Sumerian Records)
38) Gallows - "True Colours" (Single)
37) Betrayal - Abandonment (April 26th, 2011 via Mediaskare Records)
36) Monsters - Monsters (s/t) (January 11th, 2011 via False Prophet Records)
35) As Blood Runs Black - Instinct (March 15th, 2011 via Mediaskare Records)
34) Wormrot - Dirge (May 3rd, 2011 via Earache Records)
33) The Plot In You - First Born (April 19th, 2011 via Rise Records)
32) The Human Abstract - Digital Veil (March 8th, 2011 via eOne Music)
31) Emmure - Speaker of the Dead (February 15th, 2011 via Victory Records)

Part 3: 30 - 21

30) Whitechapel - Recorrupted (November 8th, 2011 via Metal Blade Records)

I debated whether or not I should just put this up here as a single for "Section 8" the only new track on this EP but I thought fuck it, the other tracks are actually pretty good too. Whitechapel also takes the Pantera classic "Strength Beyond Strength" and make it their own with crushing 7 string guitars and Phil Bosman making Phil Anselmo sound like a little girl in comparison. Big Chocolate and Ben Weinman (DEP) lend their skills on this EP by remixing "This Is Exile" and "Breeding Violence". These two remixes are some of the few "metal remixes" I've actually really liked this year. The instrumental acoustic version of "End of Flesh" is... interesting. Solid little EP from one of my favourite bands of 2010.

29) Jedi Mind Tricks - Violence Begets Violence (October 25th, 2011 via Enemy Soil Records)

Jedi Mind Tricks to me have always been "rap metal" with out being "rap metal". The rawness and the true feeling of the underground you get with their albums just make them as I like to say, heavy as fuck.  Although this is their first record without producer Stoupe, Paz seems like he was successful in choosing a handful of other producers to get this album done in JMT fashion. The true spirit of JMT hasn't been lost in the production, in fact it's one of the hardest albums they've done since Violent By Design. Jus Allah's vocals are fueled with hate and angst like always and Paz proves once again he is true lyrical genius. While there might not be the same 'hooks' like in their older albums, JMT have proved once again they cannot be fucked with.

28) Confession - The Long Way Home (November 8th, 2011 via Mediaskare Records)

This was my first experience with Austrilian metalcore band, Confession, fronted by Michael Crafter (ex. I Killed the Prom Queen). I was at a point in my life where I couldn't listen to another band using 8-strings and knowing that these guys just used good old down-tuned 6ers, I was down for listen. This record is heavy and fun. The songs are well written and there seems to be strong chemistry with the members of the current line-up. While occasionally they do employ the singing talents of their guitarist, it takes away from the authenticity of the sound especially because the vocals sound like they've been altered in the studio. If you don't like the video below go onto YouTube and check out "I Created This Horror" (my personal favourite) at the link here.

27) Betraying The Martyrs - Breathe In Life (September 20th, 2011 via Sumerian Records)

There was a lot of hype behind this record from French deathcore act Betraying the Martyrs, especially because of its postponed release date due to their signing to Sumerian Records. What we get is one of the best debuts of the year. The inclusion of new front-man Aaron Matts is what has helped define their new sound. His vocals are one of the heaviest in the business and feature a wide range. However, keyboard Victor Guillet employs his singing vocals which to be honest give the band an almost "emo" sound. I hate it. For a mninute you're being taken on the heaviest ride of the year and then you've got some adult male whining in your ear about killing himself and jesus and shit. Fuck. Oh well. Check out their dub-step track here.

26) A Plea For Purging - The Life & Death of A Plea For Purging (November 8th, 2011 via Facedown Records)

This was my first A Plea For Purging record but it made me go and get another couple of their albums, and now I'm becoming a big fan. I would consider this band apart of the djent movement but there are several things that set them apart from others in the scene. One is vocalist Andy Atkins, known for being pretty much the fattest frontman ever. His lyrics are way above par and he delivers them in a clear and raw manner. There are no growls or high pitch shrieks, more of a old-school feel over top of some seriously deadly grooves. There are several stand-out tracks on this album like "Room for the Dead" and "Music City". If you haven't checked out this band yet I highly recommend them!

25) Blink-182 - Neighborhoods (September 27th, 2011 via Geffen Records)

Without a doubt in my mind, 90% of the bands on this list were influenced by Blink-182 in some way or another. All us dudes in our 20's were all 14/15 when these guys were in their hay-day. Now they return after a long hiatus with Neighborhoods. I would easily call this Blink's heaviest record but not my favourite. I think all fans were wanting something remnant of Enema or Take Off... but instead we got a progression for the most part from their 2003 s/t release. While some songs are fast and fun, there isn't enough of that energy throughout the album. I guess they've been going through a rough time and that's obvious on the record. The songwriting is great and Blink show they're not scared to progress with their sound and move forward.

24) Dead & Divine - Antimacy (August 2nd, 2011 via Distort Entertainment)

This could have easily been higher on my list if I hadn't been such an idiot and started listening to this album about 5 days ago when I began compiling this list. It had sat on my iTunes since August, even with all my friends telling me how good it was. I have been looking for Canadian band to fill the void in my life left by The Holly Springs and Alexis and I think I've found it right here. This album is extremely catchy and employs screaming and singing that is heavy and authentic. The guitars are rock n' roll and bring that southern element without sounding repetitive in any way. There are head-bangers, anthems, and a few slower tunes too. This album grows on me day by day.

23) Architects - The Here & Now (January 25th, 2011 via Century Media Records)

This release always caused me to have a personal debate, sometimes I wanted to say it was my favourite Architects record and sometimes I wanted to say it was my least. So in the end I wound up somewhere on the fence with this one. Some tracks on this record I absolutely love, and not just the heavy ones! "An Open Letter to Myself" shows Architects softer side but doesn't affect the album's flow in any way. In fact there are several what I would consider "soft" tunes and then there are a few tunes that are quite heavy. Architects employ a lot of punk elements into their fast songs on this record and only make use of their G# tuning on two tracks. Overall a well put together release but lacks the zest that you usually get with one of Britain's best.

22) Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra (June 28th, 2011 via Interscope Records)

Just like with Blink, who didn't listen to Limp Bizkit when they were 14? Gold Cobra is the first record with the original line-up since 2001's Chocolate Starfish. Having guitarist Wes Borland back makes all the difference in the world on their latest effort. While this won't be the same in the classic sense of Chocolate Starfish or Significant Other, I truly believe this is their best composed album ever. It shows a more mature side of the band while they still retain all the elements of their old sound and even aren't afraid to poke fun at themselves. "Shotgun" and "Gold Cobra" are Limp Bizkit staples but tracks like "Autotunage" and "Killer in You" are surprise goodies. I need a new Limp Bizkit record every 10 years.

21) Protest The Hero - Scurrilous (March 22nd, 2011 via Underground Operations)

"Vulgar verbal abuse; foul-mouthed; coarse, vulgar, abusive, or slanderous." This is the definition of Scurrilous and could also easily describe PTH if they added technical, progressive and down right awesome. This is my favourite PTH record since Kezia. They have taken all of their best elements and fused them together to create the true definition of their sound. There is less "screaming" on the record but it also features the best vocal work of Rody Walker, partly what makes this record so much better. Protest The Hero are at the top of their game with this one. With this album you get some of the best technical metal out there but it still has at shit eating grin written all over it.

That's all for Part 3 for today! Check back in tomorrow for Part 4.
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Check out site designer, Ryan Thiffault's top 10 of year down below.

  • August Burns Red - Leveler
  • Attila - Outlawed
  • Black Dahlia Murder - The Ritual
  • Dr. Acula - Slander
  • Emmure - Speaker of the Dead
  • Stray From The Path - Rising Sun
  • Suicide Silence - The Black Crown
  • The Devil Wears Prada - Dead Throne
  • The Human Abstract - Digital Veil
  • Dead and Divine - Antimacy

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