Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Video Alert! Sleeping Giant - "Tithemi"

New video for "Tithem" from Christian metal act, Sleeping Giant.
From Kingdom Days in an Evil Age (2011) via Ain't No Grave Records.

This band slaps you so hard in the face with Jesus, being the atheist I am, I seriously debated whether I should post this shit or not. But alas I'm a ranter and nothing gets me going like Jesus in metal (don't forget atheists are also ALL satanists...).  Sleeping Giant also only has a fan-base because Frankie from Emmure who believes in Lizard Jesus (for real) reps them like the world is going to end tomorrow and not in a year. It's not even all the religious stuff that bugs me about this video, it's also the fact that the song itself is boring, repetitive, and falls flat just like all their other tunes. Something about "Jesus holds the crown! Bow Down! Hallelujah!" just doesn't make me want to bang my head. Blah. Fuck. I'm done. I'm going to go listen to Reign In Blood by Slayer now to beat the Jesus out of me. I can't even rate this one. Too biased. Okay fine... 0.0000245/10 and that's only because the guitarist is wearing a Terror cut-off.

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