Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Has Attack Attack! Gone Djent?

Last week a brand new Attack Attack! song entitled "The Motivation" appeared on YouTube.
If anyone paid attention to the re-release of their self-titled album earlier this year they would know that the band has taken on a new heavier sound (some say djentish) as well as moving their keyboardist Caleb Shomo up to full time vocals. Well now we have the first song off their 3rd release The Motivation available via Rise Records on January 17th, 2012.

"The Motivation" sounds like a mix of "Last Breath" and "Pick A Side" (two of the four tracks from the re-release). At the beginning we have a very typical djent sounding riff that immediately goes into a more melodic chorus that is very akin to AA! 's past works. So like most AA! songs it sounds like three or four songs from four different sub-genres mashed uncomfortably into one.

I will say this, it could be far far worse. AA! has at least decided to move into a new direction or style unlike many other metal bands. Obviously crab-core and auto-tune choruses aren't nearly as popular as they once were and bands holding onto that are slowly fading into the abyss. So you could say that AA! are brilliant for including some djent elements into their new work since djent and 8-string guitars are taking over the scene.

AA! does need a new fresh sound since they've had a rough year between losing founding member Johnny Franck (guitarist/singer) and coming under-fire within the scene for using and iPod to play their music during their live performances. There was some beef between  AA!  and Stray From The Path after the release of their track iMember from Rising Sun which calls out  AA!  for deceiving their fans at live shows with lyrics such as "I'm right by your side I pull the plug" and "When you're gone I'll hang a black flag with a lighthouse shining." iMember also quotes  AA!  from a interview (available here) where they say something like "We have pink and purple in our name but then kids come to shows and see that we have heavy ass breakdowns.``

Aside from all the beef and bullshit that Attack Attack! have been through in 2011 it seems like they're ready for a fresh start, I'm just not sure yet if I care or not. I guess we will find out on January 17th (or sooner) when I rip their album off of mediafire. One last interesting note, This Means War was produced by Caleb Shomo (vocalist) who is only 18 years old.

Round Up:
With new clean vocals, improved screaming, djent, and less synth it's safe to say that we're bound to see a new Attack Attack! in January.  High school-ers are going to eat this shit up when this album drops in January. Just remember in the words of the great DL from The Acacia Strain, "Fuck djent, it's just metal."
6 out of 10

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