Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dancing With Paris Does Their Top Albums Of 2011

The nice fellows down at Dancing With Paris were kind enough to submit some of their top picks from 2011. Dancing With Paris released their first full length The Drought in September. The Drought was one of our favourite releases of the year here at TMHTimes, as you'll see in Part 4 of the Top 50 later today.  Dancing With Paris have plenty lined up for 2012 including plenty of tour dates! Go on over to Dancing With Paris's Facebook page and give them a like.

  • Lmafo - Sorry For Party Rocking:
    • We thought it was just another bad dance album until a couple of us saw them live and they were just genuie entertainers and you can hear that through their music when listening back to it.
  • Structures - Divided By:
    • Good Buddies of ours, great guys and solid song writing on the new album.

  • Bjork - Biophillia:
    • Is my favourite artist of all times and this whole album was written on her ipad!! Enough said.
  • Childish Gambino - Camp:
    • When first listening to the stream of this album (around the time the new Drake album was leaked) it was dirty, aggressive, soothing, and melodic everything that I thought the new Drake album was going to posses. And with getting myself ready to hear that time of album and Drake falling so so very short of this, Camp filled this void more then I was expecting!
  • TV On The Radio - Nine Types Of Light:
    • They lost their bass player earlier this year and the whole album is about the fighting and the strength of the band going through tough times, something that I can relate to, as well as the other guys in the band.
  • Feist - The Metals: 
    • This album is mainly the most relaxing album I found for the year, and a lot of people's love story album of the year.

-  John Dow bass player for Dancing With Paris.

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