Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beheading Of A King Single Teaser/Interview Preview

Beheading of a King has just posted a new studio video featuring clips of the band working away on a new single entitled "Sources". They have also finally revealed their new vocalist Frédéric Beaulieu, replacing former vocalist Matt Paquette who passed away in February of this year. "Sources" was recorded at 357 Productions in Longuiel, Quebec by Antoine Lussier (guitarist of Ion Dissonance) who has also worked on releases from his own band, Despised Icon, and Emmure's Felony. Lussier will also be recording BOAK's new full length in early 2012.

2011 was an unstable year for BOAK for many reasons. Obviously the death of Paquette was crippling to the band that was planning on releasing their EP Quasar much earlier than it's eventual July release. Jaime Bosvik was added in May as lead guitarist because former guitarist Rick Patenaude took over vocals only to be booted by the band after their summer tour in August. After this period it was unclear for awhile if BOAK was going to continue on as a band. In the fall they began to audition vocalists but no statement had been made by the band until today regarding the official future of BOAK. It seems like the band is well on it's way for a truly EPIC year in 2012. Beaulieu eerily sounds very similar to Paquette in this studio video above which I think many fans will appreciate. I spoke with guitarist Jaime Bosvik this morning and he had the following to say about the bands new vocalist and sound:

"Our new sound is definitely different for many aspects. More mature, more heavy, every song is going to have a different style of something. We want them all to be unique. 7 strings are awesome to use because Ben and I took music in school and having a standard tuning under a low A really helps us write some cool stuff. Fred sounds the exact same when jamming [laughs]. There was never a time when we doubted his capabilities. He has a really big range and practices non stop, all of the different techniques too. He pretty much studies how the voice works!"

2012 will no doubt be the year 2011 should have been for Beheading of a King. The band has a brand new full length album and tours lined up so make sure to "like" their Facebook page here to stay in the loop.

- A.M.

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